ansco convira paper

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by raymond_bleesz, Mar 1, 1998.

  1. an open question regarding ansco convira paper, 10x20 b glossy. i have
    a large quantity of this paper, in its original wax coated military
    wrappings,untouched, dated 1947 which is younger than i am.


    does anyone know of this papers original purpose, etc. the paper
    was made in '47 in binghamton, n.y.. it is single weight #4. i also
    have the order no., contract no., and stock no..


    as a histographer myself, i have not run across this material in my
    research. it is a good 64,0000 dollar photo question.
  2. Do you suppose that this paper was intended for printing stereo pairs from the 10" square aerial stereo pairs? It would then carry two images with the right spacing for the wartime mirror stereoscopes. The contrast (#4) seems to be fairly high for normal use but would probably be ideal for enhancement of small details lost in the generally low contrast atmospheric haze. ...just a plausible guess. Good luck with your quest. CJH

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