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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by jmichaelc, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a wedding proof album for my 4X6 proofs. Nothing
    fancy; i'm looking for a plain black, smooth finish (leather looking
    but doesn't have to be leather) that will accommodate 4X6 inserts as
    shown on my attached layout. If anyone knows of a good supplier for
    this kind of album, please let me know. Thank you all for your help.
    Kindest Regards, Jammey Church
  2. For what it's worth, I use a very inexpensive proof album ($14.00)made by Pioneer. The one pictured in the photo below is a black imitation leather and is archival. They also come in a tapestry cloth instead of the black, with white pages. This is what I use to present the proof prints to my clients. They can be purchased over-the-counter at stores like Longs Drugs.
  3. Jamey,Try Taprell Loomis.
    sorry got to brush up on my link creating.
  4. Albums Inc. 800-662-1000
  5. Jammey - I was looking for years for something like that but the best I could ever find was 4 up - not six. Try Michel Company. - If you can't find the items on the site - Just call them. They'll send you a catalog. They have a Corina Quad Preview album that is very nice looking "Eurohyde". $39.50 plus $57 for inserts. If you want order pages - which I very highly recommend.. They are $12.50 per 100. I don't know the capacity of the album. It has an attractive 10 ring/black binding <p>Then there is the Renaissance Proof Book -- capacity is 260 photos - also 4 up. Not as pretty as the Corina but avail in black leather look. Book is approx. $35.50 with black silk lining and inserts for approx $20 per 25 inserts (insert - two sides holding total of 8 photos). This one doesn't have order sheets. 6 ring black binding. <p> The Hampton Prevew album looks like a more typical "proof book" in that it has that ugly gold border on the black book. 4-up 40 page capacity or 320 prints. 3-ring/gold binding. Around $21 for the book. $24 for the leaves (per 40 pages) and $14 for the order sheets. <p>There you have it... That's all I could ever find and I've been to trade shows for years. <p>Eventually, I decided not to go that route. I think six on a page is too overwhelming for the couple to appreciate the impact of their images. I do three up in the Holson album with order pages. This way I can often put horizontals and verticals all together. Otherwise they are turning the book this way and that which is awkward. My couples get 3-4 albums full of proofs. Those order pages increase my reprint/enlargement orders - no question about it. Friends and family are more likely to tick off what they want in a convienient little order box once they see the pictures. These proofs circulate for 6 months plus before they come to me and gives lots of people opportunity to order.
  6. Thank you Todd, Jim, Ronnie and Mary. Mary - my venture to find this type of Album is now over after reading your valuable input. I have called Michael Co and have requested a catalog. Thank you guys so much. Kindest Regards, Jammey Church

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