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  1. was given a kodak junior last week just needed a wipe , when i opened it up the front and rear was spotless Inside the shutter works and glass is clean ill modify it to take 120 film as its easy to do and ive done it before on one i also reshuttered with a spare zeiss novar shutterlens i had but this one ill keep the original kodak shutter and lens

    A few days later a fellow classic car enthusiast gave me a praktica PM3 with a boxed up 50mm disassembled zeiss tessar lens
    the bits were all there and nice and clean.
    The camera however was in a bad state stored outside of the box on a shelf in one of his garages for years
    it was filthy all over including the mirror and jammed solid
    i gave it a good clean and wiggled the shutter speed dial and released the shutter it looks like new
    Whats a PM3 i thought its a rebadged super TL1000 said google
    looks good with my other prakticas
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  2. Good Work Mr Spence!!

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