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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by ericm, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Remember the last tribute I posted months ago? Well, I just updated it. So, another tribute, to you the PN contributor, is here. What a bunch of great photographers. I'm looking forward to this growing...
  2. Very nice Eric!! Great photos as well.
  3. r s

    r s

    Great set of photos. I'm honoured to have one in the gallery.
  4. Hey, some great images. What is required to have an image represented there?
  5. great stuff
  6. Awsome selection.
  7. It's an honor to be included in this group which is most of the interesting photographers to me on PhotoNet. I learn a lot from youse girls and guys. Thanks Eric~
  8. Thank-you for including one of my photographs. I can only echo others here and say I feel priviledged considering the quality of the other images you have chosen.
  9. nice collection.........and thanks
  10. Eric~ email comin at you
  11. A nice collection and thanks for the inclusion. I'm flattered.
  12. Thanks, Eric. What a treat!
  13. Very nice, Eric. Good shots and a really fine presentation. Great work.
  14. Yadaman Eric~.;) thanks.
  15. After all our political differences, after the endless film v digital debates etc. This simple and effective presentation of our shared passion reminds us of why we visit this site.
  16. m_.


    Eric: This has been the best contribution to PN. Keep up.
  17. Eric: Thanks very much. I often read the words around here, but it's the pix what really
    grab me - your effort and your eye are much appreciated.
  18. Hey Eric, thanks a bunch! But where are your pix in the set? Don't be humble...
  19. Delightful, Eric.

  20. Is Brad Evans the same as Brad- ? Because if not there seems an omission of Brad- and just the other day he knocked my socks off with a shot of a lady in San Francisco walking away. 5th shot down from the top of the threadW/NW Walkers--
  21. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    No biggie everyone! My pleasure. I have a hard time finding places or books that suite my style and taste. I'm just overwhelmed sometimes with the quality and extent of our tireless posts. And this isn't an exclusive (Andy) thing. If an image makes me wow, and I remember to right click and save through the labyrinth of my folders, then I'll save it. I also miss threads and images,(thanks Kent), and hold no expectations or exceptions from any one individually. It's nothing personal if you're included or not, just keep shooting and posting.

    I'm trying to figure out a better auto page, I hate the scroll on the side for the horiz. shots. I might have to omit them and make it a vertical only gallery so I can up size them. We'll see...

    Cheers everyone,

  22. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Okay, I've just a read a few emails. This gallery thingy of mine means nothing if you're included or not. I'm not going to worry about any omissions from anyone, or stacks of one verses another. I go through weeks of not saving images for it, then remember for a few weeks, and so forth...I don't care what it was shot on or where the freakin camera was made either. My favorite commercial mag is PHOTO, the French version of course, and maybe its influence is here? If it hits me over the head then it hits me over the head...And, no, I just couldn't include my Nikon ass to a tribute to you bunch that make me come here an hour or so everyday...thanks anyways though.
  23. Eric wrote: "And, no, I just couldn't include my Nikon ass ...."

    First time I've heard it referred to in that way.

    Eric - No call for justification/qualification/apology. You've taken your time to collect and display some pictures you enjoyed, thereby entertaining us and complimenting the photographers who posted them. Those are good things, generous things.
  24. cool idea eric. thanks for the inclusion! :) hey,do you know a jeff petry out in van? he does set stills as well.
    cheers from t.o,
  25. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    I've heard the name Matt, but not personally, no I haven't met him. Your turn, how about Brian Goldschmied? Give him a poke in the ribs for me please.

    Michael, sorry, just doesn't fit right with me to start tossing my pics in.
  26. nope, no brian in my memory folder. he IA? still wanting to land a couple day gig to come on out to my old watering hole that is yaletown :)
  27. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Matt, Brian's rock and roll and fashion, hated doing stills on set. We have a huge rumour list for the fall btw. Geez, even i might be working :)

    And let me know when you're coming out, and i'll get you out of Yaletown and into the grit of it all...
  28. Excellant stuff, I've seen most of them already, but its great to see them altoghether. Thanx Eric.
  29. Eric, once again cool and thanks, -Ed.
  30. Nice, Eric. Cheers.

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