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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have experience of using lenses in Copal 0 and/or 1 shutters on older style Linhof Technika
    III/IV 6x9 boards? It seems to me that the front standard of the camera won't allow / clear enough room for
    the preview lever of copal shutters. Although, I cannot measure one right now to be sure.

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. There should be no problem using lenses in a 0 or 1 shutter on the III or later model Linhof cameras, you do have to make sure that the lenses are properly mounted on the correct lens boards.
  3. Bob, thank you!
  4. I cringe at the thought of disagreeing with Bob on anything Linhof related but I own both a 6x9 Technika III and a 6x9 Technika IV. The clearance between the standards for both is 75mm. I have tried to mount a Copal 0 shutter on the Tech IV and it barely fits. You have to position it just right to be able to get at the preview lever, cock the shutter and mount a cable release. It is such a pain to use that I gave up and am sticking with lenses in compur shutters. The Copal 1 shutter requires 85 - 90 mm of clearance and will not fit unless you have a special lensboard that extends forward past the standards. I dont know if such a board exists.
    Ron Gratz
  5. They don't exist today.
  6. I don't have any lens board listings for the Technika III but I do for the later models.
    Just for the 23 Technika Linhof made the following boards for 0 shutters:
    001004, 001002, 001142, 001005, 001136
    For 1 shutters add the following:
    001146, 001106 with spacer ring, 001140
    For 3 shutters:
    001058 with spacer tube
    In addition, the 23 III was made from 46 to the early 50s and the 23 Technika IV was made from 56 to 64.
    For all of the III and most, if not all, of the life of the IV Copal shutters were not available from Linhof and they only listed shutters from Prontor Werke during that time. Not Copal. That meant that they also did not make boards specifically for other shutters during that time frame. And the Copal controls are in different places then the same control on a Compur. Close position, but not the same position. Compur shutters had a slide button flush on the side that did not stick out like the press focus lever on a modern Copal.
  7. The boards for the 6x9 Technika III and IV are identical in dimensions. However, for the Technika IV Linhof added a small pin at the bottom of the facing where the lensboard sits. To accommodate this the IV boards have a notch cut at the bottom. I suppose this gives the board greater stability though I have not noticed any difference. The upshot is that Technika IV boards can be used on the Technika III. A board for the III can be used on the Technika IV if you cut a notch into the board with a hacksaw. I have done this and it works just fine as long as you take care to position the notch correctly.
    None of my boards have parts numbers on them so I cannot address which boards I have.
    Ron Gratz
  8. Thank you, Ron and Bob!
    My experience confirms Ron's sofar. Lenses in Copal 0 shutters can be used on flat boards on Linhof Baby Tech III/IV. Although, the shutter position would be awkward a bit, but still usable. Copal 1 shutter requires extended board, and may not be used on a flat board...
    Another question is, whether Compur 1 shutter can be used on a FLAT board on the same camera?
  9. "Another question is, whether Compur 1 shutter can be used on a FLAT board on the same camera?"
    Why not? Of course they can.
  10. Thank you, Bob! Just wasn't sure. I found a picture of 100mm Planar in Compur 1 mounted on a flat board in the manual...

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