Another process lens question

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by john_smith|83, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. I am stepping up to 5x7 from medium format and already have a JML 8
    1/4 " process lens that I was considering useing as a enlarging lens.
    Has anyone had any experience useing this lens for this purpose.
  2. John,

    Sorry I'm unfamiliar with your lens, but I've had some experience with trying out Ilex and NuArc process lenses on my enlarger. IMHO the ones I've used perform wonderfully. The only issue I have is that I haven't found one that opens up larger than f9 so focusing can be a bit dim. Depending on your light source (mine is diffused) this might not be the best deal. I replaced an f/9 process lens with an f/5.6 copy lens and everything is now bright a lot easier to compose. YMMV. I'd recommend trying it out first. JML made some well respected lenses. Good Luck.
  3. No, but it rocks as a taking lens. Very sharp 6 element plasmat type. And if you later move on up to 8X10 it covers that with good movements. You'll just have to deal with the no shutter part. Use Efke asa 25 film. (with film that slow you can always get into a range where you can do the lens cap trick) Then you can have sharp and grainless pics. I've got a 5X7 enlarger but you'll have to drive to central Nevada to get it!

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