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  1. When I opened my portfolio a bit earlier, some elements appeared to be rearranged; the best example is the image uploader. Even more severe, I don't see a link to "my library." Has this feature been removed? If so, how do I download an image?
  2. Image uploader is a new design, gone is the autofill feature.
  3. Never mind the last question....
  4. /my/library is now labeled as just "photos" in the menu, it should take care of everything for you and load and run faster. The uploader will have auto-complete and 'apply all' function added, gallery is: "ABC" / Description is "XYZ"
    then you can click 'apply all' to apply quickly to all the photos your uploading at once. thanks
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  5. Thanks. I'm getting the hang of it now.
  6. Is there any possibility to read given comments to my images?
  7. I like this new uploader and you can now have tags that contain more than one word which was impossible before
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  8. You need to click on the image title instead of the image itself to access the comments and other info
  9. Is the default page that opens after login still the Library or now Photos page? Or can that now be changed?

    The "Library" page now has white background (no longer blue) with thumbnails of all my photos having an oversized analytics box covering the bottoms of the thumbnail previews. Pretty clunky looking.
  10. Thank you for taking the time and being so kind to tell me this. I am afraid I will never get used to anymore.
  11. The new one is way too complex. Don't like it anymore :(
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  13. Glenn:

    I'm flabbergasted. You have hundreds of years of cumulative memberships that are so frustrated they're dropping like flies and all you offer is a flippant remark? I think Herman deserves a sincere apology and a thoughtful, honest response.

    Of course how you handle it is your choice.

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  14. Photo Net Help. Like boot camp. Take a chit,,,. Want to be inspired, see the chaplain.
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    Mike, I'm not sure if you realize but Glenn's response is a hyperlink* (yes, they are poorly implemented and difficult to see ) that takes people to 'recent activity' so I don't think his response is just a flippant remark. A bit terse maybe…

    * it's basically address + "/my/activity"
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  16. Norman:

    You are correct about the link, I didn't see the response as a link. However, "My Activity" won't help Herman any more than the terse response. My Activity does catalog comments but just try and follow any particular image there, it's maddening since they're presented in random order (not newest on top). A simple sort function that I've lobbied for till I'm tired of asking would fix it. Thank you for catching the link, it does make the comment more palatable.


    Never let it be said that I can't see my mistakes and offer my apology for my hasty post. I will temper that apology with the fact that the Emperor still doesn't have any clothes.

  17. Since 1993, has been an engaging community for photography enthusiasts. is robust, collaborative peer-to-peer educational platform for photographers ranging from hobbyists to professionals. We have created an online community that brings people together and provides lively forums, competitive photo contests, information about the hottest gear, tutorials to help you on your journey, inspirational interviews, and more. Most importantly, we offer the chance to put your photography in front of top rated photographers from all around the world to find out specifically how you can improve. You'll have the opportunity to share your knowledge as well. Teaching, after all, is the best way to learn. By participating in and joining this worldwide community, you'll be in good company: the site receives more than 3.0 million visits each month, and almost 5 million photographs have been uploaded to the site since its founding more than 20 years ago.

    Mission statement. A worthy goal. Education that is. Technical problems can hinder the best classroom. Just sayihg.
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  18. This place is a lot of work. Got a renewal? coming up.
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    When I copy and paste the link it saved it as that - the URL rendered as - Where Photographers Inspire Each Other - however it should have been
  20. Thanks, I think communication has been in short supply by a besieged management to a frustrated, helpless contingent of members. The stated lack of time to properly respond to seriously concerned members and the time saved by short, confusing answers is counter productive, as evidenced by the stagnant condition in this help forum and the disappearing membership. You're down to about a dozen (a loose guess) contributors to the Photo Critique and only a few who stubbornly continue to try to solve their software issues here in Help. I'm not in that "few"; my request for the ability to track comments is a moot point since there are no members left to track.

    Communicate, communicate, communicate and revamp this dog or just do us all a favor and pull the plug... Mike

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