Another mystery camera - 1/4 plate tailboard?

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  1. I was given a much modified plate camera by a descendant of the original owner, whose husband made add’l parts to add rear rise/fall. The next generation wanted to refinish it and it is in pieces, side-lined, retirement & a move, and I took on the challenge. (Lunatic).

    I took some photos of the wooden parts. The hardware was in a separate bag. Much of the hardware is a weird satin gold, which makes me think it is steel and not brass (possible clue). The focus and front racks are brass.

    I think I see enough tailboard cameras online to call it that. The wood is not mahogany...something much paler and boxwood, pear, probably not poplar, but that kind of grain.

    I am emptying a room for imminent guests and may not be able to find the camera for add’l (hardware) photos for a month.

    Some of the wooden parts have numbers stamped on them. Most do not, and none match.

    I’m hoping there is enough detail for a guess at what it might be, have been, or evolved from.

    Any opinions/help are appreciated.





  2. Can you provide a photo of the bottom of the camera, where it would be mounted to a tripod or camera stand? Are there any badges on any of the parts?
  3. I have a 5x7 in somewhat the same condition. :(

    Here is Jimmy Stewart's large format from Rear Window


    Good luck to you.
  4. Thanks.

    No plates...just different stamped numbers.

    The person who gave it to me confirmed his uncle made the added rear rise hardware including the gears, in his basement shop...he watched such machining frequently in amazement. He said it could have been an ‘economy model’ as the aunt was a college student photographer before a ‘pro’.

    I’ll revisit when I have time (wedding, houseguests, etc).

  5. Looks a bit big for 1/4 plate, and in need of a GG focusing screen.

    Could have been a Sanderson, but there were many small makers of this type of camera back in the C19th.

    Is the idea to get it to working order again? Because I'd be surprised if the bellows was still light-tight.

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