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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by chauncey_walden, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. While traveling, I went into an antique store in California and turned up another 116 Kodak Monitor. Unlike my other one, this one has the Anastigmat Special lens. It also had the instruction book in the case and a roll of Kodacolor-X in it. Unfortunately, like my other Monitors, Kodak managed to put their lowest quality bellows on their best quality folder. If I can't repair this one's bellows, I may put the lens on my other one where I was able to repair them. I have a 100 foot roll of 70mm color neg film in the freezer and a 100 foot roll of 70mm HP5 so I can restock the paper backing on the rolls I have before resorting to a 120 modification. I had to give $26 for it, which I gladly paid in lieu of the $65 they wanted for the old Ansco next to it.
  2. Chauncey, there is an eBay seller that sells NOS Kodak bellows. His eBay id is frendakfurnari, contact him and he will be more than happy to help. I bought 3 new bellows from him for $10. Keep in mind, that the Monitor is one of the hardest cameras to work on due to the very strong metal they used on the film gate.
    If I recall correctly there are flaps/brackets which need to be straightened out in order to remove the damaged bellows. They need to be bent back in place again after the new bellows have been glued in.
  3. Unfortunately, so far as I know, Bert Funari long ago ran out of 116/616 size bellows. Do let us know if he has any after all. I could definitely use some more.

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