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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by keith_anderson|7, May 16, 2010.

  1. I'd like to do some macro work with my GF1, and I'd like to see if I've missed something or if anyone has personal experience to help out.
    I strongly prefer 100mm and don't want zoom.
    Canon makes a SC FD macro, 100mm f/4. Goes for $100-150 used. Pentax makes a 100mm f/4 macro that's roughly $200. Oly makes one that was intended for a bellows or the telescoping extension tube (seems not worth consideration, I don't want to buy/lug around a bellows and the extension tube looks like a PITA to carry around) and Nikon made a nice 105mm f/2.8 that I can't seem to find used. Only other option I see is the Minolta 100mm f/3.5 for about $150. Any suggestions (esp if I missed something)?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. B&H is still showing the Pheonix 100mm f3.5 in M42 (Pentax screw thread) new for $119 available to order with a 7~14 day ship delay. Something to consider if you cant find a suitable used lens. It focuses down to 1/2 life size and comes with a dedicated close up lens to go from 1:2 down to 1:1
  3. Look up 105/4 Micro-Nikkor.
  4. SCL


    You missed several - the Tamron 90mm/f2.5 SP - it comes in an Adaptall version, which means it can mount on a variety of cameras with the proper adapter....I've seen on the big auction site an Adaptall adapter for Tamron lenses to micro 4/3; also is the stellar gem is the old Kiron 105/f2.8 which focuses down to is usually available either on the big auction site or thru somebody like KEH in either a Canon FD or Nikon F will need either a Canon FD or Nikon F adapter to micro 4/3, and lastly is the Canon FD 50mm Macro/f3.5 (which focuses to 1:2) - again you will need an FD to micro 4/3 adapter. The list goes on and on, but since you're just getting into it, you probably aren't interested in the Leica R macro lens ($$$). Here's a link you might check out which discusses using macro lenses on the micro 4/3 bodies and some really stellar photos along with pictures of some setups:
  5. Thanks for the link Stephen. I did look at the Leica but even a used one is out of my price range. The Kiron looks intriguing, I hadn't seen that one before. I'll check it out. Looks like they're hard to come by, probably because folks don't want to give them up that often.
  6. I tried the G-1 with my FD macro 3.5 and it worked well enough. Probably easy to get hold of too. And works with an extension tube FD 25 and the two Canon teleconverters. Wish I could say I favor that use, but I just prefer to do macro with my E-3 and the ED 50 mm F 2. The FD Canons are cheap and plentiful and won't disappoint. Get the breech lock variety as that seems to go best with the Chinese adapter from my two week adventure with all my FD lenses. Even the regular 50 mm 1.4 focuses quite close -depending on how you define close, 1:2 , 1:1, or...? So does the very nice and compact FD 100 mm which is a good macro distance you know and a fine lens.
    Buy and try they can always be offloaded so it seems. I wish u well, Getting a clean well kept one is still the brass ring and experimentation the finishing touch. happy trails, gs
  7. Got the Kiron on eBay for a song. It's got the Oly mount so I got an adapter as well. Will try to shoot with it this weekend. Should be a hoot. I'll post some photos if I get anything good. Thanks for the advice!

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