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  1. Done it again ! Bought another flaming film camera. Not medium format this time but 35mm. Despite convincing myself I DO NOT NEED ONE OF THESE. Camera is a Canon F1 New with AE finder £250 also bought a winder FN for £60 these two items give the camera both shutter and arpeture priority. Even tho it will most likely be used on manual exposure. So much for convincing myself.
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    Not sure it isn't a condition. I've bought virtually every old film Nikon that interests me ex. the F6 which is still well out my price range. I maintain them, enjoy them, but shoot them so rarely compared to Digital Nikon it is ridiculous!
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  3. It could be worse, you could have obsessed on old mirror lenses, early AF cameras, or even East German cameras:oops:
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  4. It's usually medium format my adiction. 2 nice Mamiya C33's, (one in red lizard skin) a tidy Bronica SQA & a bit scruffy but fully functional Mamiya RB67 Pro S. Wide angle standard and portrait lenses for all. Have a digital too.which is why I DO NOT NEED 35mm. Did WANT another F1 tho.
  5. Well, now!! I can hold you personally responsible for my lack of discipline! I "pulled the trigger" on a Canon F-1 New today. I've been lusting after one for a while, and want to use it side-by-side my Nikon F3-HP.
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  6. OH YEAH MY FAULT.. F1 arrived yesterday. Very nice but the sod could have provided a fresh battery. Get one today.
  7. Well paraded my arse round every shop that sells batteries in this town to no avail. Went to Belfast DID SOMETHING VERY SIMILAR THERE. No battery. Bought some on Evilbay so it will be a few more days before I can try this sucker out. What HORSE'S ARSE sells a camera with a dead battery ? Seriously not impressed.
  8. Cheaper than collecting girlfriends.
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  9. Gave up on those things years ago..Bad experience. No one telling me not to buy / do something.
  10. Upside ! 5 rolls of 36 exposure colour film tutned up..
  11. Look for a shop that sells self defense equipment. Some of the items use the 6volt px28 style batteries. Also some hardware stores carry the batteries for electronic gizmos that are now on the market.
  12. Aparently dog training collars use this battery. Two coming from the bay of evil anyway. No panic.
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  13. WOOOOOOOOO Batteries arrived. Camera and winder working perfectly..Discovered that the cover caps from underside of camera (removed to fit winder) have a home in the battery compartment of the winder. Conserned these caps may fall out (very loose) I put a small piece of masking tape over them GOING NOWHERE NOW.
  14. THINGS GETTING WORSE Just bought a Canon A1 too. With a winder & lens. TOO CHEAP NOT TO BUY £80. The camera I wanted back in the 80's BUT COULD NOT AFFORD Might dickey it up new seals etc and resell it
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  15. Don't sell it! You're going to love it. If I could have just one camera it would be my A-1.
  16. We shall see. Lusted after one of these at the time.
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  17. A1 turned up. Nice but F1 it is not. Still think I will move it on.. F1 is certainly less complex. Do not like the half assed manual mode metering on the A1 it is really an auto or program mode camera. For that it is probably fine
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  18. I am guilty just like you. I have over 30 35mm cameras in working condition and for the last 7 years I haven't taken a shot with film. I do have a roll of Ektachrome E100 in the freezer.
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  19. But I do shoot a lot of blanks with my film cameras. I think I shot of a lot of blanks with my digital too but it's just because they would capture the image but I never look at.
  20. Thinking I will part the A1 out Camera does work but has faults, battery check not working, exposure comp locked up at normal., and ISO lock is faulty but certainly usable. Camera still works fine otherwise. (Shutter squeaks but an easy fix aperently). Will sell camera body Parts, repair or use.. The winder and lens I will sell seperate. BONUS the camera came with the action grip (finger grip) which was not on the ebay listing.. Those little grips sell for £25. The camera was cheap so should do okay. Now I know the A1 is not for me. Love the F1N she is going nowhere..

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