Another AF-S lens focus squeak post (for 17-35mm 2.8 this time)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by robert_bouknight|1, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Is the squeak the AF of this lens an indication that the AF motor will die soon in these lenses? Certainly was the case for the 300/4 AFS I had, but I seem to have read somewhere that the 17-35 seems not as prone to AF motor issues.

    The follow up question would be: Will a CLA extend the life of the AF motor? This lens was CLA'd by a Nikon authorized service shop a few years ago, it performs very well, zoom is silky.

    I can live with the noise that goes away after some use. The other option (of course) is to just use the lens until the AF dies, I guess guess adding an AF motor to the cost of a CLA is not that huge.
  2. Focus squeak is not a sign that the af-motor is about to die. It is, however, a sign that dirt and possibly small debris have gotten into the motor.

    Nikon CLA would probably solve the squeak, but I am informed that they do not clean and lubricate AF-S motors, only exchange them which costs a lot more.

    If you find a reliable and experienced (independent) camera repair shop, they can CL (and A) your af motor.
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    My 17-35mm/f2.8 and 28-70mm/f2.8's AF-S motors have been squealing for at least 10 years. I should qualify that I don't use those lenses all that often any more, but so far there are no problems. I bought those lenses in 2001/2002 or so.

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