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Discussion in 'Video' started by zadenbigla, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Hi Everybody!!!
    I'm looking for a GoPro-like camera to take with me on hikes in hopes of capturing an endangered snake on video. Key features are at
    least 1 hour of battery life and storage, more is better, a lens that's sufficient to accurately the species of the camera is attached to my
    body (resolution and FOV at roughly 6-20' distances) and a sensor high res and with sufficient color rendering to see detail and color at
    that same distance. Any thoughts are appreciated. i have About 650$

    Thank for your help!!
  2. When you hike, you create a "bow wave" of critters radiating away from you. This applies not only to ground crawlers, but also to birds and even insects.

    That is why so often a "hide" and patience are better than hiking for discovering 'photographicable' subjects. Like British elite, you could also have a group of peasant "beaters" driving the game toward your location. :D
  3. Sorry, I am far(!) from a video expert but fear your dream won't work out. GoPro like body cams are suited to document which human slaps your face why. They come with a pretty wide angle lens for that purpose.
    Photographers' mantra: "Fill that frame".
    Shooting a t-shirt from 20' away with a cellphone will not give much info about that shirt, when you look at the entire image. GoPro &Co footage should be similar.
    Look for a fast focusing camera with quite a bit of zoom and take the time to aim it.

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