Angle of View for 8x11 lenses

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  1. I've looked for a guesstimate but have failed to find an answer: The 8x11 camera lenses (Complan & Minox)15mm f/3.5 have an "angle of view" or angle of coverage. What value is that and how does it compare to a 35mm format for example? Looking straight on, my eyes see about 55 degrees, excluding peripheral vision. One of my greatest flaws in taking 8x11 format pictures is getting close enough to the subject and I know I'm dealing with a wider angle, but how wide?
    SIDE Focus at Infinity Focus at 20 cm
    8 mm 29.9 27.7
    11 mm 40.3 37.5
    diagonal : 13.7 mm 48.8 45.5

    1. Usually a lens's angle of view is calculated according to the diagonal.
    2. Angle of view at infinity = 48.8 degree
    3. Angle of view at close range slightly smaller, at 20 cm = 45.5 degree
    4. The angle of view of Minox 8x11 camera is close to that of 35mm camera equiped with a 48 mm lens

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