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  1. I have an Elan 7 and hope to soon have a new 10d. Does anyone have
    any experience with the Canon angle finders. The Canon info says
    both the Elan 7 and the new 10d takes the C angle finder which is
    twice as expensive as the b angle finder. What is the difference?
    What does the b fit the c won't fit.


    Hugh Sammons
  2. I too have been looking at these so I don't have to fold over my already screwed up back while doing macro and other closeups. As far as I can see the difference is the mount that allows them to slide over the eye peice. what I have elected to doing is simply find the cheapest one I can find on ebay and if it don't fit, simply fabricate an eye peice to it so that it will fit. Photogrpahy on a budget! I have also though about simply building one. with tubes a prism and a couple of mirrors attached to an eye cup. I have quite a few prisms from various binoculars I have cannibalized, a dremel to cut down mirrors and tubes. Amazing what us swamp folk can do when bored in a cold as piss Oregon winter.
  3. The angle finder C is a beauty, magnifying from Full View of Viewfinder at 1.25x, to 2.5x closeup for critical focusing the center part of the image, at the flip of a switch. Unbelievably Bright, Rightside Up, NON-REVERSED image! 10 elements in 7 groups, and roof prism. Built in Diopter adjustment of -5 to +3. I can take off my glasses! Angle Finder C also has two adapters so that it can fit any EOS (and perhaps older models) cameras.

    I think the Angle finder B reverses the image top-to-bottom and/or side-to-side, it doesn't have the option of 2.5x (for critical focusing), and I don't know if it has the eye-piece diopter adjustment.

    The "C" model is a solid pice of equipment! Nothing cheap about the design or build of this one! Well worth the price.
  4. Oh, I forgot to add - the Angle Finder C also rotates (without removing from camera) so you can look into it from the top, bottom, or either side of the camera, or the angles in between!
  5. That said its definetly worth the price. Every time I have evr seen one the specs were not there. It would almost be worht having an archive of what all the accesories are and their specs. Photography in Malaysia has a neat website that gives detailed information on most of the cameras and accessories in the FD line. I am still trying to find a similar site for EOS. The EOS documentaion site is pretty good but there is still alot of stuff we have to hunt for.
  6. Differences between Angle finder B and C are as follows.<br>
    B : x0.8, C : x1.25 & x2.5(center close up)<br>
    Non-reversed image?;<br>
    B : Yes, C : Yes, (Angle finder A reverse the image)<br>
    Can rotate?;<br>
    B : Yes, C : Yes<br>
    Diopter adjustement;<br>
    B : Yes, C : Yes<br>
    Has eyecap rubber<br>
    B : No, C : Yes<br>
    Adapter for EOS3, 7, 5, 55 (eye-control AF model);<br>
    B : Optional (Angle Finder Adapter EdII), C : Std<br>
    B : N/A, C : Std<br>
    Can use for FD camera?<br>
    B : Yes, C : I'm not sure<br>
  7. I have the Angle Finder B. (It must be about 20 years old.) It is adaptable to all EOS cameras as well as the old F-1 and FTb. It has diopter adjustment and rotates. The main thing that differs from the new Angle Finder C is that it cannot be adjusted for magnification. It also provides a right side up and left to right image. Also, I am sure it is made as well as the new one.
  8. I've been considering one of these for some time. The compatibily charts I found showed the B model for use with manual focus cameras and the C model with AF; round vs square mount.
  9. The basic Angle Finder B fits the old round F-1 eyepiece. However, it comes with a screw-on adapter that makes it suitable for all rectangular slotted eyepieces.
  10. I have both these Angle Finders - I have had the B for over twenty years, and before that used the Waist Level Finder, which despite its name was an angle finder (which, like the Angle Finder A/A2, used mirrors rather than a prism and gave a l-r reversed image. I acquired a C a couple of years ago. The differences have been covered in earlier replies, apart from a couple of points. The B rotates on a stiff friction mount and stays where you have put it. The C has a low friction mout with click stops, and at least on mine it does not stay put (shades of zoom creep). The other difference is that on the B the two rectangular adaptors screw on firmly (the EC adaptor is metal; the ED adaptor I have is very feeble plastic, but perhaps the ED-II is better - don't now need it anyhow) whereas on the C they slide on and when you take the Angle Finder off the camera you never know whether the adaptor is going to stay on the camera or the finder. Not a clever piece of design. That said, I think the C is optically better.

    I regard an Angle Finder as an essential accessory for botanical photography in the field, where it is very often necessary to have the camera close to ground level and pointing horizontally. I hardly ever use it in any other circumstances.
  11. I like the idea of the rubber eyecup and adjustable magnification on the Angle Finder C. However, I'll keep my (over 20 year old) Angle Finder B in lieu of the $175 cost of the C vs the original $40 price I paid for the B.
  12. This thread just blows a hole in the theory of those upity photographers who say: "If you don't know what it is, you don't need it."
    <p>I sure as heck needed one yesterday. I was trying to take pictures of a rocky hill with blossoming wildflowers (weeds) in the foreground. I crouched but couldn't get low enough. So I got down on my knees in the rainsoaked field and peer sideways into the viewer. <p>The result...muddy knees, a wrenched back and stickers in my hands from pushing myself back up off the ground. Next photography purchase... an angle finder.
  13. Someone asked if the C will work on older cameras. With the standard eyepiece (non-eye controlled) adapter it indeed fits and works with all older FD/FL cameras (T90, A-1, FTb, Pellix, etc.) except for the F-1's.

    As an aside Pentax and Minolta eyepieces are pretty much the same as Canon's. I used a Minolta anglefinder for years before I got a C.

  14. I am also the happy owner of version B. I wonder which adapter I would need to use it on my EOS 5D ? Anybody knows ?

    Thanks ...

  15. I have a canon angle finder B from the old days of film Cameras (F-1, TL-b, T-90). It also fits the Eos 20D, 30D, D40D and 50D. It does not fit my 7D. The angle finder C will, but I would like to use the B on this camera. (I actually have 2 of then in new condition)
    Is there an adapter that will fit the angle finder B and allow it to work on the 7D camera?
    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Alfonso Caycedo

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