Anamorphic Panoramic Pinhole Camera

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  1. This is my first try to post an image. It is a picture taken with a pinhole camera that I built myself and that lets 4 anamorphic panoramic 5x17 views on a 120 roll-film. It shows the astronomical observatory in Meudon near Paris. Hope it works, if so in the next post I will show some pictures of the camera.
  2. Yes please do show the camera. very interesting
  3. It worked ! Thus, here is a view of the inside of the camera. When it is closed, the pinhole is located at the green circle, a little over the cylinder that holds the film, which gets the light through an horizontal angle of view of 250?. The example picture was 15% cropped at the left of the frame because there was nothing of interest on that side.
  4. Hey Paul. a great image and camera. Are you a member of f295 ?
  5. very cool. i have had some trouble trying to do this.
  6. Are you a member of f295 ?

    Ric, please explain !

    i have had some trouble trying to do this

    Josh, me too ; of course, it doesn't take 5 minutes ! Did you succeed ?
  7. F295, oh yes I just "googled" it. No, I did not know them.
  8. Paul, become a member. It's a great international forum for pinhole photographers. Reading the forums is a great instruction manual. A forum also about building pinhole cameras. I just received 4 prints in the mail from other members in a print swap.
  9. i kind of gave up after a little while. like you said, it doesn't take 5 minutes. i had heard of f295, but forgot about it. i'm glad you reminded me. what a great resource.

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