Analogue Negs for Cyanotypes

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by martin_pistor, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Hi folks,
    sorry if the subject might has been discussed before, didn`t find it.
    I`m looking for a material for Negatives for Cyanotypes.
    Process print/enlarge on normal paper (tetenal work Vario or
    fomaspeed, no Kodak for the logos) and contact print on the same
    paper again is a pretty good process so far, but the paper is to
    dense to expose the shadow details (white in neg) completely. (Same
    problem with inkjet-prints, transparence film works good, paper not).
    I`m using a cheap phillips facial solarium (works well with film!)
    Ok, any suggestions to replace the last paper in the process
    described above? I`d use normal 8x10 film, but it`s not really
    comfortable (no safelight possible) and scratches really easily.
    Ortho or Repro film? wich developers to archieve half tones?
    I`d appreciate any hint, wich helps cutting down test efforts.
  2. Hi Ed,
    thanks for the hint. Think I'll stay with interpositive working, (made some dissapointing expierience with slide reversal process).
    First tests with Maco GF (Genius Film) film developed in standard paper developer (higher recommended dilution for softer characteristics) showed rather good and reliable comparance between interpositive and cyanoprint.
    For the flash exposure, the bleaching and second exposure is not necessary, the only drawbacks are drying time of the pos. and of course loss of quality due to second copying step.
    A big advantage IMHO is the control of the image by the interpositive (before wasting film, just normal speed and VC/RC paper, remember).
    I think, any other Orth/Repro-Film will do adequate after testing a development wich gives a appropriate gradation.
    Anyway thanks,
  3. Unless you know you get a logo image, I would try it anyhow. My experience with several papers having logos has been that they did not show up in my prints.

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