An Unusual Aires

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rick_drawbridge, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Well, you've sneaked back in under a new guise...Great to see you back! I was sticky and slow long before old age set in... The gnomes are just fine, and guide me around the garden, if I ask them nicely to "Show me the way to go, gnome..." Could I enquire after the health of the pink flamingos?
  2. I didn't change anything intentionally I swear lol but it had been a while and I see some changes in these parts. The flamingos are ever vigilant, and with time became even more pink;) I think they might be getting a tad paranoid though as all utterances end in "... If that is who you really are..."
  3. Thanks Rick, I just hate to see something that looks good go to waste. I might take them into one of the bigger second hand camera stores and see if they can help. Appreciate the response, was very happy to find out which camera they belonged to at least :)

  4. Nikon tried a leaf shutter SLR (below) as did VEB Pentacon (LINK). One of the key reasons was the awkwardness and requirements for flash synchonization on focal plane shutters. (see also, Hasselblad's evolution)

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