an ordinary ac generator for bowen studio flash

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by tak|3, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. can anyone please give me some advice on using a normal contruction site 2k generator on my bowen
    gemini studio flashes 500w x 2 heads? is it possible? is it safe? do i need an adaptor or something, many
    thanks in advance.
  2. Should be fine if you run it outside. Use a long HEAVY DUTY extension cord to keep the sound away. A baffle will help.

    Hondas are very quiet. Others not so.

    2K is more than enough power.
  3. Make sure it has the pure sine wave output. Most of them does not.
  4. Hello, You should be OK They will provide power as clean as we get in the US or Canada. Two things I wish to mention. There is a small device available for less than $40.00 called Kill a watt (TM) that will give you 8 specs of any power supply. Second always have the generator up and running before you plug anything in. I recently lost 7 electronic devices when my home backup generator tried repeatedly to start under an overload. Good luck D.D.
  5. Generators are rated for a resistive load such as hot lights or heaters. Strobes are not a pure resistive load, and demand a large peak load right after firing. Size the generator for the maximum current surge immediatly after the strobes fire, plus derating for a non resistive load. If in doubt, contact the strobe manufacturer for suggestions.

    Inexpensive generators often have poor voltage regulation and excess distortion which will greatly shorten the life of any electronics.
    Let the generator warm up a couple of minutes before plugging in, also disconnect loads before shut down. Never let a generator run out of gas while loaded, it will probably cause voltage surges.
  6. You have to be careful with these generators. I was planning to use a small unit and put the unit on a scope to check the quality of the output. It was, errr really horrible, and could be a good way to smoke some flash equipment permanently.
  7. thanks guys for the advices, but can you tell me what is sine wave output?and what is
    exactly kill a watt are these some kind of adapters or some kind of stablizer, these are
    ordinary generatorm but a good quality can you judge a good or bad one? i am
    planning maybe its better to just use contiune lighting rather than flash....many thanks

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