An Old Favorite

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  1. street portrait from 2010
  2. golf tournament in Dallas, Texas DSC_3414.jpg
  3. _DSC1004 El Galeon Andelucia.jpg

    El Galeon Andelucia
  4. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

  5. Two old favorites ( the photo AND the girlfriend) from 1972
  6. Segovia, Spain, 1999 favorite.jpg
  7. 1980s motobike DSC_0013in.jpg
  8. 2017 Potomac DC West 585EBD83-A300-417E-B87E-F98188B195CE.jpeg
  9. Circa 1972 (Kodak Instamatic 110)

    Dad in camp-01a-sml.jpg
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  10. My first and most favorite attempt at showing the feel of bright sunlight on a crispy day after the rain IMGP9934.jpg .
  11. this made me return to my homeland after a few years of exile
    032a Franco Dead Periódicos-Londres-CanonF-1-CFL55-Panatomic-X-ISO32-A-110-1a18-4'30-20ºC.jpg
    Canon F-1. Canon FL 55. Panatomic-X at ISO 32. A-110 (1:18) 20ºC​
  12. 2008 Bernese Mountain Dog (one of four) Cody Cody-web-1.jpg

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