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    i love photos, maps n documents of yesteryear. a local forever wild park i take waks in had a few historic mansions nyc tore down in the 60s because they deemed them a public hazard instead of preserving our history. i aquired maps n photos of the 1800s so i am searching for remnants of these places. i find brown stone typical of the day as well as bricks and foundations. i date the bricks from collector sites on the internet by brands. the bricks are from brick makers of the 1800s to early 1900s when those factories closed.

    its a shame we dont preserve our history. btw the one mansion nyc saved in my area is the smaller and was the most neglected by the city as well as the least historic significant.

    the sole up keep is from private donation and volunteers. the staff giving tours only know a partial history of only that house and nothing of the area.
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    There used to be The Museum of the City of New York - suspect you've been there , but if not (if it still exists), back a few decades there was a lot of preserved history along with knowledgeable staff.
    Unfortunately those focused on the present or busy trying to create a future have a tendency to change or ignore society's foundations.
  4. Thanks, Sandy.

    LINK to the New York Public Library archives of this project.
  5. Abbott was a great photographer--unflinching. We need more like her today.

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