Among the first of the New Year

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  1. From a horse barn on a property that some friends just moved into.
  2. 0027a Silueta Fotógrafa Trípode-FujiXF23.jpg
    Fuji XF 23 on Fuji X-P1​
  3. 56 minutes after midnight

  4. This just about sums it up.

  5. I haven't taken my first photo of the year yet but this is my first pos-processed photo of the year. Keeping with Harry's theme.
    Carmel 20i_Fifth & Torres_1.jpg
  6. Same here no new photos this year, just processed this from late 2020. Trees-web-1.jpg
  7. January 2nd, 2021 in Austin, TX DSC_1146.jpg
  8. None yet, but here is a picture from my hotel balcony in Nairobi, Kenya on January 1, 1974
    group dancing while waiting at the bus stop
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  9. Jan 3, 2021. Last three days washed out due to incessant rain.

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