Amazing photographs by blind photographers

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  1. I see is the source and the underlying ethos is one of reportage or journalism. For the point of view of a person who actually makes photographs the exhibition could easily be recast as "not so amazing non-shots not taken by non-photographers who are completely or partially blind".
    Time's treatment of this material seems to ignore the deep pathos of people manipulating technology then cannot see that generates pictures they cannot visually endorse for which they receive praise that they cannot fully celebrate. The exhibition is important because it raises sharp questions about artistic attribution. For example, can an artist be legitimately credited with a work that they cannot, even in principle, experience.
    If the "blind photographers" bring questions like this into the minds of their exhibition patrons they will have done something very creditable indeed.
  2. Same topic and link, posted less than ten hours ago, only three threads below this one in the same forum:

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