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  1. I left photography some 30 odd years ago. My last camera was an F with photomic head.
    I had 3 primes a 24 a 50 and I think a 135 probably the 3.5 because it was cheaper.
    I did my own processing and I was happy. I came back into it a few months ago with a D300
    a 12-24, a 16-85 and a 105 2.8 macro. Aquired a 10.5 2.8 cheap.
    All this did was make me a grumpy old man. Photoshop this,megapixels that and endless is this better than that.
    So I have part exchanged it all (BIG LOSS!) and am going to London on Monday to collect ... wait for it an F6 with a 50 1.4.
    I will choose another lens or two in the shop (Please feel free to offer comments on this)
    Already I am a happy little teddy. I will shoot only B&W.I care not about megapixels,leica glow,photoshop plug ins etc.
    I am film! Don't even want a MD40. One frame a minute suits me. I am free and where I belong.
    Most of all the thought of it makes me feel content. It is a hobby which I enjoy and as Frank sang. "I did it my way".
    F6 owners - we are the chosen people.
  2. "I will shoot only B&W.I care not about megapixels,leica glow,photoshop plug ins etc. "

    The problem isn't digital photography, it is the nonsense on these types of forums.
  3. Hmmm... take a picture, take the card to your local lab and have it printed.... take a picture, take the roll of film to your local lab and have it printed... what is the difference?
  4. Shoulda kept the 105 2.8

    Every version of this lens I have seen has been stellar.

    I'm using it's predecessor 105 2.5 in manual focus.

    An F6 is a great choice. Enjoy
  5. With the F6, pull the back release lever (spindle) up whilst shutting the film door. A good tip that was passed to me to prevent the little closure detect switch from being damaged.

  6. Feh!
    You prefer film? Fine. But all of the endless testing and comparing is hardly new with digital. Modern Photography used to get endless letters questioning their lens test procedures. "My Planar can resolve 200 l/mm..." "Oh yeah? Well my Summilux..." Photoshop is a tool, like an enlarger.
    If you only like b/w and shoot at one frame/minute why not get a Hasselblad or a Mamiya 6x7? You would get much better results than 35mm, and lose nothing in portability or workflow.
  7. Graham, you should do what gives you the most pleasure in photography.

    The rest of it - the expensive toys, the software, learning new tricks, online forum debates, worrying what other folks we don't even know think about what we think and about our photos - it's all just stuff. If it doesn't add to your enjoyment of photography, then it's a burden and best discarded.

    A few years ago after having tried watercolors for several years I decided to "get serious" about painting and tried oils. Tried for a couple of years and dozens of paintings. I didn't like it, wasn't any good at it, wasn't enjoying painting anymore. I ditched the oils and kept my watercolors. I'm still not a good painter, but at least I'm enjoying it.
  8. To each his own.

    Good for you.:)
  9. Good for you?
  10. "The problem isn't digital photography, it is the nonsense on these types of forums."

    Very well put, Ellis.

    I find my bit of contentment in being happy with what I have. While I don't detest technology, I often find it
    disheartening, reading of those who have expectations of gear that isn't worthy unless it produces impeccable
    images at iso 3200, 5 fps and the bragging rights of $2K. glass.

    I used to be like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for that box of slides to be processed, and thrilled that 2 or
    3 made it all worthwhile.

    Look at where we have come. What were we complaining about ten years ago?

    That coolpix 950?
  11. I still shoot film as well. Even though I invested in a Nikon digital kit (D200), I kept my Canon T90 and my L glass because I
    like it. When I go out with the film kit, I feel light and unencumbered and picture taking is reduced to its most basic
    elements. When I shoot digital (which admittedly is the big majority of my work), it turns into just another job that has to be
    done (with a mental check list a mile long to make sure the myriad of settings are where they need to be).

    Do what you like to do for as long as you can afford to do it. Life's too short for it all to be work.
  12. So it's the process that makes you happy, something from years ago that you miss? It's not just the images for you, right?
  13. Perhaps all the technology is getting in the way of the images? I see a meterless F on the horzon ;-)

  14. What will your anger accomplish? Purchase the gear you are comfortable with for photography.

    I shot film from 1977 to 2001 and made the changeover. It was frustrating at first to learn, but now at 50 years old, I like it.

    Complaining will not solve your dilemma. However, what works for you and following a plan will.

    Nice comments Ellis and Elliot.
  15. Graham,

    do what makes you happy - - this is supposed to be fun & enjoyable.

    Lil :)
  16. I understand your frustration, Graham. I still shoot film, a lot. But I have got my D200 and love everything about it. If
    anything, it does help me learn photography faster. In addition, so much one can do with digital that one could not
    do easily with film. Also I think my digital helps to improve my film work. That alone is well worth the effort. Lots to
    learn, for sure. But I am a happy little teddy everytime I learn something. BTW, the folks on are very
    helpful. I just learned how to partially decolour a picture from the Digital Forum. And tonight, I am working on
    moving the Rocky Mountains to my backyard, digitally of course.
  17. "F6 owners - we are the chosen people."

  18. Graham, did someone forget to tell you (maybe you didn't read the manual) that you can: - shoot only B&W - shoot one frame a minute - And do it your way with the D300 (I have one) I guess the D300 was too much of a camera for you. Instead of an F6 you could have gotten an F50 (value today $50).
  19. I was shooting film before the Nikon F was born. Two years ago bought a used D100. Within a year had sold my F4 and F3HP and my Mamiya C220. Now have a D300 and one FM body just in case. Have3n shot a roll of film in over a year and have absolutely no inclinition to go back to the "Good old Days." But, different strokes for different folks. That's what makes the world interesting. Hope you enjoy the F6.
  20. who's fault is it that the OP laid out a wad of cash for a lot of gear he didn't know anything about, and then, since a miracle didn't occur when he pressed the shutter button, he sold it all at a big loss? one really should be a little more circumspect, a bit less impetuous, when making a large capital outlay. ah, but he has learned something: he's a grumpy old man. the self-discovery thing is vastly underrated, don't you think?
  21. Bruce - sorry did not make it clear I have kept the 105 2.8.
    Ian - thanks point noted.
    Andy - yes the D300 was just to much camera for me! So why buy an F6 and not an F50 - because it's there and I have enough money to do so and it is better quality and I like quality.
    Nice shot by the way Andy.
    Songstem - as Leica people think the are the chosen ones - I think Nikon! Let's find the nikon superglow!
    Now I don't care about the new D700x or whatever!
    Aaron - spot on.
    Lex (p c) Right as always and my hero. Always talks sense.
    Steven. Your first line - agree.
    Now where I do need some advice is on lens numbers 3 and 4.
    I have the 50 1.4 which was part of the deal.
    I have kept the 105 2.8 macro
    The wide end. 14-24 0r 17-35?
    Do landscapes and macro.
    As for which is best film or digital - dont care - I am happy.
    I shall shoot B&W and process my own and may need some help and advice on that - film and chemicals no doubt have changed over 30 years.
    Finally any advice and I mean advice not film v digital v whatever patricularly on the lens choice, the F6 (from owners) and B&W processing in general would be most welcome and appreciated. Thanks all.
  22. "F6 owners - we are the chosen people."

    Chosen by whom and for what?
  23. Graham, notwithstanding that you have already made a huge loss, the 50mm f/1.4 is a bit of a sucker's lens. The
    f/1.8 is almost universally agreed to be better except at f/1.4 and possibly f/1.8.

    They sold you this puppy because there is a new f/1.4 with 9 rounded blades which I believe is going to be the
    greatest of all - at least in terms of resolution power, and also with killer bokeh.
  24. Andy.I am told it is the new one but thanks will check.
    Diane - It came to me as a vision - voices in my head said that no more is Leicaman the only one to see the glow. And so nice to see a female name on the forum.
  25. You should be happy....all of us digital converts have been flooding the market with some fine used film cameras at bargain prices.
  26. I've gone back and forth from digital to film too, you're not alone. If I had easy access to a good E6 lab, I'd still be shooting slides with my F3HP. But here in Seattle my lab of choice is out of business (Ivey) and the other great lab I used to take all my E6 to (that had great 1 hour E6 service) is no longer open on Saturdays.

    I have a huge archive of negatives and slides. Not only my own (which is most of it), but my fathers slides, and other archives of negatives from relatives going back to 1902 (glass plate negatives). I decided I don't want to amass more film to manage. I already do not have the space for what I have and most is packed away in boxes and not easy to get at.

    Shooting digital is easier to manage for me. I also love the instant gratification from it, not having to scan an image, or worry about it getting scratched over the years. I have some 20 year old black and white negs that are not in the best storage conditions at the moment and have been slightly damaged.

    I wonder if in 20 years my digital files will still be readable? Will photoshop still exist?
  27. Graham:

    Just shoot in JPEG, no more photoshop, no more plugins, no more etc etc.....

    Then bring your JPEGs and get them printed.

    All your problems are now solved.
  28. "If you only like b/w and shoot at one frame/minute why not get a Hasselblad"

    This is good advice. You will have no choice but to slow down and think more about your images. It sounds as though the process for you Graham is most of the fun.

    For digital, I shoot the D3, but for film, 35mm just doesn't do it for me anymore.
  29. why can't the same body contain a sensor and a roll of film?
  30. I think your question is about what other lenses to choose not about which is preferable digital v. film. For film 24mm for landscape, 85mm or 105mm for portrait. I think you know this. A zoom lens for sports which goes better with motor drive.
  31. I thought that Cho-sen people were Chinese?
  32. I shot this one with a Minolta X-500. There was a guy with a digital Nikon that asked why I had that obsolete camera.He didn't even notice that there was a very rare Rokkor 17mm on the camera. I had all that stuff for less than 300 Euros. I am very happy with this photo. Some people love it. Other don't even consider this one as interesting. A lot of people told me things like : - there is grain, - it's blurred, - it would have been better in colour, - it would have been better with a digital, - it would have been better a Cakon or a Ninon, - it would have been better with a Leica (Thank you very much. I have two Leicas but I did not use them this evening however I you like my work I accept a 15mm Hologon in Leica mount as a present.) - it's Tri-X I have better result with T-max. And so on... Most of the time I don't see any photo from these guys. Sometime they do something very different. Sometime they have better photos than mine and I take their advice in account. Do as you feel and try to do it better.
  33. Makes perfect sense. And the F6 is a rather brilliant machine. Happy shooting :)

  34. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Hi Graham, enjoy your new camera. When you have some nice images from it, please come back and share them with us.

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