Am I alone?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by royall_berndt, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Only one Speed Graphic?
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  2. Yah, but it's a full kit in its box (mahogany, I think), one owner of a neighborhood studio back in those days. I even have the 'light sabre handle'.
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  3. I love using b+w film over digital. Tried digi many years ago but simply didn't enjoy it. Also try and use all my film cameras from 35mm to 16x20? inch (though I have only used 11x14 in it). The next one to be used again is a Bronica ETRSi that hasn't been used for almost 10 years and I'm also going to try 35mm again.
    Last holiday I took a Mamiya tlr, 3 lenses, filters, tripod, light meter. It did get some funny looks but I enjoyed it and there are some framed prints on the wall from it. So far this year I have printed negs from 35mm, MF (6x6) and LF (4x5).
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  4. I know it is difficult. I know it is expensive. I know it needs care and maintenance. I know it requires knowledge and study. I know it needs patience. But frankly I DON'T CARE. I like shooting film, and as much as there will be film, paper and chemicals available I will continue doing so. I don't want to always rationalize which one is better, more accurate, higher in resolution or quality: if digital or analog. I like shooting analog and I dislike shooting digital, end of the story. I don't find any fun in digital photography. Better doing what makes us happy rather what others recommend us to to or follow. I don't need to follow anyone. ;)
  5. I rarely shoot digital.. and onmce the works scanned or digitzized ...well it is digital. In a previous post in this thread " ..."rather than fiddling with lenses and caressing metal and leatherette.......... but if others want to indulge themselves then I am happy for them....." I think this fits me. Indulge me :)
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  6. Or, to put it another way. This forum is titled Classic Manual Cameras. Those cameras would be the subject that the forum participants desire to discuss.

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