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  1. Hello!
    I've recently bought a really nice Eho Altix V, which worked fine for shooting 1 roll of film.
    Now I'm on a holiday trip shooting the second one, and of course NOW I get some problems :)
    Normally, the film advance should stop when I have wound the film one frame forwards. Now however every 3 frames or so, it doesn't stop - it just goes "click" and lets me wind on and on. At this point it DOES allow me to fire it though, so it's not completely dead, I'm just going to get very uneven film spacing - or that's how I suppose.
    After I've done with the roll, what should I take a look at to see if I can make it work (without professional tools or expertise available, as I'm traveling)?
    Also, I wonder if I have the genuine film take-up spool. It looks a bit like a typical Leica M3 spool in some ways, which figures as the film loading is similar to the Leica M3. But there is no convincing way to make the film "stick" to the spool; with luck I can make it "stick" but it leaves me with an uncertain feeling...
    I should just take a pic of the spool to show here, but I can't do it until I've finished the roll :)
  2. This is a common malady with East German cameras, at least in my experience. I have an Altix Bn which had a loose take up spool and would not allow the film to tightly wind itself around it, gear alignment was partly to blame.
    In your case it seems that the stopper that gets reset when shutter is depressed is not properly stopping the gears from moving at the required intervals. I am afraid you will need a pro to take a look at this, as it is very likely the top plate will need to be removed. For now I suggest you stop winding the camera once you hear the 'click' sound.
  3. Sounds like it needs a cleaning. I love my Altix's. They are under rated, but also getting up there in age. I think they are worth the cla cost.
  4. All right, I'll have to keep an ear on the clicks - I think there is always a first click that says "the double exposure prevention mechanism has been disabled" and then a second one, which is where it should stop but it doesn't.
    I agree it's such a beautiful and lovely camera, I'll have to find someone who is good at servicing these... if the top plate needs to be removed they can clean up the foggy viewfinder as well.
  5. I even have the accessory finder which, by the way, is also seriously fogged. This one I think I can open up myself and attempt clean-up :)
  6. Well, it appears the mechanism works great as long as I wind the camera super-slooowwwllly. I could live with that if it stays that way.

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