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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by RickW, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. the view counter.

    I decided to try coming back to post some images from a recent trip.

    According to the number next to the eyeball in the Gallery view, they have gotten zero views.

    Yet friends have emailed me many comments.

    Sheesh. C'mon, Greg, get this place working!

  2. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Gallery views accrue nightly - its not an immediate thing so if you are watching the counter and clicking back and forth you won't see those clicks counted until the following day.
  3. How about photos posted TWO WEEKS ago??
  4. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

  5. Greg, when I posted the message there were zero views for the most recent 5 photos. Something is working a little better.

    I still don't think the view counts are accurate, though, because I have heard from more people than 4 or 5 about each of my Maui photos.

  6. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    what ive noticed about low view counts here, there are a few people that post a dozen pictures at a time from same shoot which pushes mine to the bottom of the page. i dont understand why they do that. putting up a dozen lousey pix when one excelent photo is more than enough and its a better show of quality that says more for the photographer.

    if you cant do it with 1, putting up 12 doesnt make up for it.

    if you want to have fun, post in no words...
  7. Though I don’t, I think a lot of people use the site as a proofing/display platform, that is, if they take pics of someone, they may very well post dozens of similar-looking shots for the person they’ve shot to choose their favorite. So, they’re not really putting together a finished or refined portfolio as much as using PN for personal storage or proof presentation purposes.
  8. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    Is that what the "categories" and a portfolio are supposed to be used for? There are specific site for that like drop box to name one.

    Knowing that, I just may drop my pay proof service n start using PN as a drop box site for my shoots.

    I thought posting work in a portfolio was to show off your best quality photos.

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. Greg, the two winter shots I posted in the last couple of weeks have ZERO reported views, even though I have gotten a dozen email comments on each (including several from members). I think it may be related to a more recent (and unanswered) question: Why does a photo I post sometimes have a black surrounding screen and a cloudfront image address, and sometimes the (desired) grey surrounding and a image address?

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