Alpa Telephoto Lenses Tested.

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  1. As is so often the case with eBay listings, those prices tend to be a bit optimistic. The 100mm Kinoptik I had the pleasure of using for a few months was in very clean but not mint condition, with original UV filter, front and rear caps and hood, and it found a buyer for AUD 5800.00, which is rather less than USD 6000.00.

    There were also two versions of the lens—the earlier pre-set one and the later auto aperture type with integral release button which connected with the camera body shutter release. The automatic version is the better one to use, but because the pre-set type represented, from memory, less than a third of total production, it can fetch the higher price due to collector interest.
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  2. Do you need an assistant? Intern? Apprentice? ;)
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  3. Adopted son? Porter? Gopher? :) :)
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  4. Marc, thanks for posting these. Keppler's pieces are always a treat. I believe, however, that the "Smena" 6x6 SLR reviewed is a Salyut.
  5. Ha! Well a porter actually could be very useful for lugging the Tele-Variogon around. I haven’t weighed it but it’s clearly got an awful lot of glass and brass in it because it’s a lump. Until I got it I had never seen a lens with strap lugs before.

    Inventory and sale of the ALPA items is nearly finished now. I listed the 9d & its 50mm f/1.8 Macro-Switar on Thursday and it was sold an hour later. There are only the two Angenieux telephoto/long focus lenses to be added, and the Alnea 5, and they will all be off to new homes, barring the 7 RSLR, 11si, and three lenses I have acquired. If your are ever in Tasmania you are welcome to try them though. ;)
  6. Most definitely an incentive to visit The Apple Isle! :D
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  7. Clearly, you underpriced it. :)
    Sadly, the chances of me getting to Tasmania are almost as remote as the island itself. :(
  8. Well the offer is there and it is a place well worth a visit. ;)

    Unlike some sellers whose methodology seems to be to price above the market, we (well, I) have been setting prices in line with what items in similar condition have actually sold for. It seems the best way to actually get someone to buy an item. Plus, false modesty aside, I write the best listings for ALPA on eBay, because I am a camera nut writing for camera nuts, I run a test film through anything usable and talk about the experience of using it. Whether viewers hit the BIN button in shock, because someone (and a seller, at that) has actually (gasp!) used an ALPA and includes photos to prove it—or they realise my pernickety description of condition and detailed discussion of my checks and findings mean I’m really serious about accurate, precise, assessments, I don’t know—but many items have rapidly been grabbed. :)
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  9. I'd like to read those. Which eBay are they on? The Australian one?
  10. Yes, if you need a link you can message me Dave.
  11. Yes, the temptations of Alpa... Get thee behind me! Great edition, thanks Marc. Keppler is as delightful as ever.
  12. ph.


    Not easy to find this proper email, but if Brett Rogers would like some specific pages of Alpa service manual copied, I may be able to help. I only have the version for the later type11, but since Pignons were quite conservative their designs for the Alnea might be similar.

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