Along The Li

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  1. Thanks all for the compliments. As indicated earlier "Bridge On The Li" (that's my title for the original experiment). I of course had no idea how it would come out at the time.
    The horse was probably a day or two later. I guess in a way (though I didn't think of it that way at the time) it was the second part of the experiment. I did do a B\W version but didn't see any point in posting it. If anybody's interested in what it might look like, I would think it's easy enough to copy it from the post and run it through whatever editing program they use. In my case it was the B\W conversion in Ps. I don't remember what filtration (deep red, IR, Yellow, etc.) I used though. On another note, don't know if this has any bearing but you know those Chinese watercolor paintings of steep sided, mist shrouded, mountains. Those mountains are what line The Li
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