"All passed on, like the melting snow..."

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gene m, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. I love the icicles hanging off the front of the car. If the temperatures were right, you could get snow that would melt on the road in the day, and then freeze again at night. After a few days the ice would be a lovely translucent brown.

    BTW "icicles" is one of those words that looks wrong, even when you spell it right....kinda like "vacuum".

    Good work, as always!
  2. Hmmmm--- that white stuff looks familiar. I'm trying my best to forget it. Now, it's 95 degrees and I'm trying to forget that, too. Nice job!
  3. Iceickles, icesickles ?
  4. I always like the old cars in the found film posts! The guy
    shoveling the snow probubly used a heating pad on his back
    that night. They wern't too fond of chirpractors back then. Some
    nice big old houses in the photos too! I think you could put a
    found film photo book together with all that you have collected
    and shared with us.
  5. Thanks, Gene. Your posts usually bring a smile to my face.

  6. Good.
  7. And Kodak nixes Verichrome. I don't believe a better film was ever created-and just amazing how those latent images held, even if you pull them up some on the computer. THANKS.
  8. Great stuff, gene, as usual.

    BTW - if I remember correctly from my days at Kodak, wasn't Verichrome pan a multi-coated emulsion - two layers - to give extended sensivity and increased "latitude"?
  9. Verichrome was my film of choice.
  10. Gene, I think that snow is 8-9 winters newer than you claim. There's a slightly blurry Scout behind the Ford in the first shot (they didn't come out until 1964 or so), and the car in the snow shoveling shot looks like a mid- to late-1960s vintage Plymouth (Fury, I think); I'd hazard a guess that's the winter of 68-69 we're seeing there. Many parts of the US had more snow and colder temperatures that winter than any time on record -- it hit at least -50 F in northern Idaho, froze a fully anti-freeze protected engine and cracked the block at my parents' house. We had about four feet of snow in Genesee (a foot would be more normal for that area).

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