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Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by lmar, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. I picked one up the other day (black-paint, with 50mm f2.0 SMC and motor winder), and I must say I'm impressed. Tiny but tough, and the SMC glass is very nice. I took it along for a walk through an old farm which is now part of a local forest preserve.
  2. Big bug (sculpture).
  3. Old paint.
  4. Fill 'er up.
  5. . . . so vane.
  6. Daleks?
  7. All taken with Tri-X @ EI 320 in D-76 (1:1). Thanks for looking!
  8. Wow, that's a handsome camera, and the lens is the usual sharp little number. Along with the winder, it must be a very comfortable camera to use, as I find the ME's just a little small for comfort. There's something quite intriguing about that "Fill 'er up"pic. Thanks for posting, though I think I would have posted this over in Classic Manual Cameras! It's too classy for here...
  9. Great post, L. I don't use my ME Super nearly enough, but every time I pick it up and fire it, I'm impressed by its size, the quiet shutter, and the nice big viewfinder. It's a really nice camera to use once you adapt to the small size; I like OM bodies so that's not a problem for me. I enjoyed viewing all of your pics and the great performance of the SMC lens certainly shows. Nice job on all of these. Thanks for a great post!
  10. Thanks Rick and Andy! Rick, I admit I was torn whether to post it here or on the Classic forum, although since it has battery-dependent AE, I posted here. Andy, I'll agree that the viewfinder is amazing. The winder on the ME Super makes it less of an ergonomic shock to transition to from my Nikon F2, as well as making that oh-so-cool-motor-drive-sound!
  11. Great sharpness and range of tones. Lots of additional Pentax glass out there at bargain prices. I picked up a 135mm f3.5
    and 28mm f2.8 to go with my MX. Thanks for posting.
  12. The ME Super was my first "real" camera - I bought a chrome one with a 50/1.4 in 1980. Simply a great little camera - compact, well made, good VF, and the push button shutter speed selection is an excellent idea. I shot the crap out of it for 2-3 yrs, until I got it into my head that I wanted a mechanical camera (put it down to the foolishness of youth). I looked wistfully at the F2 Photomics I couldn't afford, then traded the Pentax in for a Minolta SRT100X. While I need yet another camera system like a hole in the head, if an ME Super crossed my path, I might be tempted to pick it up...for old time's sake, of course.
  13. Thanks Mike, Les and David! My first "serious" camera was a Ricoh Singlex TLS (in retrospect quite a decent camera --- I certainly got years of good, hard shooting out of it). I always coveted Nikons and Pentaxes, though --- now, twenty years later, I can finally afford them . . .
  14. The ME Super is really nice. The quiet shutter is great compared to some of the older film cameras from that era.
  15. I bought a Pentax ME Super about 10 years back, as a result of an article in a UK magazine, relating to 'modern classic cameras' Results from the 50mm lens(1.7 I think) were sharp and the colours were outstanding. Use it frequently. In 2008 the mirror foam had started to disintegrate. I had it repaired and it is still a joy to use.

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