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  1. Lichen Usnea strigosa. P4130150 Bushy beard lichen Usnea strigosa x1500.jpg
  2. Edwin,
    That is insanely good. I appreciate what it takes to get your excellent result. Very well done.

    Mine is the aftermath of an invasion by one of nature's premier body snatches. Ophiocordyceps sp. on a catepillar. Pardon the harsh lighting.

    Macro aliens21721.JPG
  3. Laura, thanks for the compliment! I confess it was insanely easy: we have these aliens all around our house and I used the auto-stacking feature on an Olympus TG-3 to capture it.
    Your unfortunate victim shot is amazing. I’ve read about cordyceps and their creepy allies but have never seen them in person.
  4. For an in camera feature that stack works pretty well. Still, don't sell yourself short. You see these subjects for what they are and present them beautifully. I tend to pass on lichens unless I see some spectacular growth. Entomophthora and Cordyceps species get my attention when found, as does any interaction between fungi and higher life forms. It becomes a good creep show very quickly.
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  5. Lichens are everywhere here in Maine and many make for excellent Dr. Seussian micro landscapes.

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