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  1. Interesting New Yorker article about Alec Soth, the profundity of family snapshots, connecting through photography and despite barriers—and a little bit of magic.

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  2. Wow, what an amazing story this is! The impressions of the snapshots written by Cabrera, the inmate, are simply profound. His remarks on imprisonment and paying for wrong-doing are inspirational.
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  3. Thanks for the link.
  4. He gave a talk to our photo group here in Milwaukee right after he was named a Magnum Associate years ago. He told us how and what he did to get noticed by the art world. He seemed liked a Minnesota nice kind of guy which I appreciate because he grew up a few miles from where I did. I think those Magnum people know how to pick their photographers.
  5. Another Magnum photographer, Bruce Davidson, gave a talk in Los Angeles about 10 years ago or so, and he also came across as a really good guy with a big heart who still has friendships with people he photographed years and years ago. It was a great lecture with slides and stories from his Subway series and the East 100th Street, Harlem series, including discussing details of each of his subjects, the people who are still alive that he still keeps in touch with, and the fascinating story of how he convinced the residential community group of 100th Street to allow him to meet with people in their homes and photograph them. Yeah, Magnum can pick em all right. If you ever have a chance to hear any of these guys, it's worth it.
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  6. What a profound article- and experience for both parties! This sparks a lot of memories... not really on topic and I'd just be rambling wildly anyway so I won't recount them now. :cool:

    But thanks for posting.
  7. I had a similar reaction. Brought to mind a line from Robbie Ribertson in 'somewhere down the crazy river'
    "Oh, this is sure stirring up some ghosts for me"
  8. I need to stop trying to type on my phone! too stubby!

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