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  1. Hi.<br>
    I've been shooting weddings for a while, as well as other social
    photography. Two questions album related if possible.<br>
    Firstly, where I live, and in the niche bracket that I shoot in
    (cheap!), I shoot weddings on 35mm, and present the couple with an
    album of 250 approx 5x7.5" photos. If I wanted to make a traditional
    type album, where would I go (in the UK)? Are there companies that I
    give the layout plan to and they do everything, or should I buy the
    albums and overlays and do it myself?<br>
    Secondly, does anyone know of a good source preferably in the UK for
    a Leather/ette style 250-300 picture album for 5x7.5"? Almost all the
    ones that I use are for max 200 pics, which means that I end up
    buying two or being over selective.
  2. Don't know about the UK, but visit Shipping might be a little more for you, but this company has practically every item available. Request their catalog.

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