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  1. What album design software do you use to create high-end wedding albums?
    • Up until now I've been using a program called "You Select It" (YSI) to create my wedding albums. The nice thing about this program is it works in conjunction with PhotoShop and automatically exports in layers which can be flattened and saved as a JPG. You can pretty much use the flattened designs with any book company out there.
    • I was completely loving YSI until I recently purchased a new 64 bit computer running Windows 7. YSI seems to be incompatible with the new computer. After much trouble shooting I've come up with a fix, but it only last so long. I never had any of these issues with my old PC and the YSI program.
    • Can someone please suggest album design software that works with a 64 bit computer?
  2. Use ....and its FREE. Yes it works with Windows7
  3. For any sort of page layout task, including wedding albums, InDesign is the best program hands down. Once you get over the initial learning curve, it's incredibly efficient for creating album page templates and spreads.
    There's a great tutorial for getting started here:
    There's also an InDesign album design script set available from Albums In Design.
  4. I use Album DS and find it superb. It's not free though :)
  5. I've used and been very happy with FotoFusion.
  6. I use photoshop. I found that software programs constrained my creativity. Maybe it's just me!
    When I mail approved & completed album DVD to Pictobooks I include both jpeg & psd files.
  7. FF (lumapix fotofusion) here.
  8. I use photoshop or the provided Print2Bind software from Leather Craftsmen has an amazing free webinar series that can be applied to any albums, not just their own, including principles of design, and means of creating your own templates and really helpful actions. I found it tremendously helpful.
  9. I am using FotoFusion. It is an efficient way of creating albums, has almost NO learning curve.
    Problem is: I will probably be switching to Apple, from pc, and as far as I can tell, this means no more FotoFusion for me.
    But if you are a pc user, I'd recommend FotoFusion
  10. I've tried a handful of solutions. InDesign is great because you can design quickly with perfect alignment. Storing templates is simple, too. And, the templates come out just as they were stored with perfect precision.
  11. I definitely agree Braxton! Being able to design with perfect alignment, and quickly create and store templates makes designing albums using InDesign a piece of cake.
    Adobe InDesign really is hands down the fastest and easiest way to design albums. The truth is in the name!
    I've created an easy-to-follow screencast video tutorial called Awesome Album Design Skills. The tutorial goes step by step through the process of designing albums using InDesign.
    Once you use InDesign to create albums, you'll never look back.
    You can learn more about the tutorial here:
  12. We Design creates the design for you based on your previous works or your specific instructions. Simply upload the images and a custom design is created for you to review and once you have given your final approval, a rigid page, professional album is printed and bound. The completed album can be shipped out within 10 business days and depending on size, it can be done for under $300.
    This is something to consider for those without the time or perhaps the patience to design.
  13. I use and love FotoFusion as well. The software was super easy to learn, comes with tutorial videos and a variety of free backgrounds, frames and templates. I went ahead and purchased the Extreme version as it makes multiple page projects exceedingly easy to create and the variety of output options appealed to me (including, but not limited, a flattend JPG like you had in YSI). The albums are quick, easy and STUNNING. It even has a built in ability to share low-res proofs with your customers - something I find extremely useful. Anyway, if you are hesitant, they have a fully functional trial version (as far as I can tell, it just won't let you output or save your files without purchasing the software) on their website (
    Oh and there is a rumor that they will be releasing a Mac version in the next few weeks....... ::crosses fingers::

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