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  1. I just boxed up my D700 to sell and am learning how to use my new D610. One thing that is eluding me is the exposure lock button or the button I assign to that function. On the D700 when I pushed the Exposure Lock button it stayed locked after I took my finger off and stayed locked until I snapped the shutter or turned off the camera. Right now on the D610, it seems I need to keep my finger on the button or the lock goes off. Seems incomprehensible that it won't stay locked after I take my finger off, so I assume I am doing something wrong. Ideas ?
  2. did you read page 244 of the manual? AE Lock (Hold)
  3. Paul, just go under the Custom Settings Menu. I believe it is item F4. There you can program the button to work in several different ways, including the way you describe.
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    As Howard and Barry pointed out, on both the D700 and D610, as well as on many other higher-end Nikon DSLRs, there is a Custom Setting in the F (Control) group to control the AE Lock behavior. You can choose to:
    • Lock the Auto Exposure as long as you are holding down the AE-Lock button; once you let go the button, the lock is removed.
    • Keep the AE lock after you press that button once, it remains locked after you let go. You need to press again to cancel the lock. Switching off the meter will also cancel the lock.
    On cameras with only one button for both AE-L and AF-L, there are those options.
    On the D700, D800, and Df where there are separate AE-L and AF-L buttons, there are even more custom options.
  5. Thanks for your help. I got it figured out with your help. I didn't now what hold meant.
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    Shun - do you mean that there are 2 buttons - one for AE-L and one for AE-L on the D700?
    I have only one button on mine D700 -:)
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    What was I doing? I was thinking about separate AF-ON and AE-L/AF-L buttons and I wrote separate AE-L and AF-L buttons.
  8. I do miss the two buttons on the back right of the D700. I had one programmed for focus and the other for spot meter. I will get used to the way its set up on the D610. Again thanks everyone... well almost everyone.

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