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  1. As I recall the F4, N90 and other medium to high end bodies would give you matrix metering as long as you used an autofocus lens like a D lens but if you set it to matrix and used a manual focus lens, AI or not, it would default to center weighted metering. I never noticed much difference in the two and generally don’t worry about it now be it film or digital. That’s the nice thing about the F2. One meter mode, center weighted, and with a little attention you know when it’s wrong and how to adjust.

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  2. If I count right Sunny 15 is EV 15 at ISO 100, so 16 for snow or sand.
    There aren't many scenes brighter, though it could be done with artificial light.

    So below EV16.3 is it linear on log(intensity)?

    If you add a neutral density filter does it compensate exactly proportional?
  3. If you add ND it wouldn't know so it think the scene as if it's not as bright.
  4. Just ETTR and switch on the 'Blinkies'.... and adjust.
  5. Small nitpick on above: The F4 does matrix meter with true AI and AIS lenses, but not with AI modified. There is an internal post that the camera reads, which is lacking even on a fully converted pre-AI lens. I don't know what, if any, other cameras have this feature. The F100 does not.

    e.t.a. according to Ken Rockwell, among film SLR's only the F6, FE and FM share this feature.
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  6. Addition here: I just noticed that the FG (I have one but confess I've never run film through it) also senses that extra post, which is officially termed the "speed indexing post." It's possible that those few cameras that utilize it do really "sense" the max. aperture of a lens, in addition to the normal meter coupling which just senses offset.

    It remains unknown why some cameras have this and some don't, Why the F3 does not, while the FG-20 does remains odd.

    F3 on left, FG-20 on right, if anyone is unsure what I'm talking about here:

    f3 and fg compare.jpg

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