AGFAPAN 1000 Any experience/insight???

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  1. What did you develop the unused Tri-X in?
  2. I think Diafine, as that is what I had at the time.

    I now also have HC-110 and TMax, the latter mostly because it gets the higher
    speeds for TMZ and Delta3200.
  3. JanJan.jpg Back around 1973 I used that film a lot, processed in Rodinal 1:100, 22-25 minutes @ 20°C, 1 minute agitation @ 5 secs each. Fog levels were always high, even with fresh film, but the grain and soft tonal gradation was unique and is something I do miss these days.
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  4. Bear in mind that the true ISO speed of that film, when brand new and in-date was only about 800, tops. Like the true speed of Kodak T-Max P '3200' is really only 800 ISO.

    After 30 years out-of-date, you'll be lucky if it shoots well at 400 E.I.

    A better alternative to Rodinal might be HC-110 at dilution C or above. Whatever developer you use, you can expect a massively high fog level.
    Sandwiching a grain screen with your neg in the enlarger will get you a similar effect. Or maybe Ilford Delta 3200 given a 'compensating' development.
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  5. It sure worked here, that's a lovely portrait!

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