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    I am intrigued by what I have heard about this film. I mostly shoot
    well-saturated slide film (E100VS, EBX, and Velvia when light is
    sufficient). I understand Ultra 100 is "super-saturated," perhaps
    even more than the old Ultra 50. I'm thinking of taking a couple of
    rolls to Argentina and Brazil this fall. Has anyone shot it and, if
    so, how did you like the results? Is it, as some have
    said, "cartoonish"? Thanks.
  2. Have a look and/or search the other threads on this site, they contain a lot of useful info. For example, check Agfa Ultra 100 vs Kodak Portra 400 UC? and New Agfa Ultra Color 100 Print Film. There have been a couple of other threads in the general forum, but I guess they've all expired...
    That being said - I like the film. It's great fun on days with flat light (helps to bring out colors in textures), and whenever you need that extra bit of color. Contrary to what others have said, I don't think that Ultra 100 is very grainy, but then again I haven't tried Kodak's Portra 400UC (yet).
    Hope this helps,
  3. I like very much this film, and I have some shots in my portfolio with this.<br>
    The colors is not so real, but I like the "pop" effect.<br>
    Ultra 50 has much saturation in reds, but no much in other colors. This problem was corrected in 100 version; bluest skyes, popped greens and HOT reds. Good skin tones too.<br>
    I can find this film in Brasil by R$10,50, at R. Conselheiro Crispiniano, São Paulo. Cheap for the quality.<br>
    You need to know: I like AGFA films, but you must be careful with the process to get quality. In fuji frontier or AGFA labs the quality is good, but in other labs I hear bad comments. I use AGFA lab (colormart), R Sete de Abril in São Paulo.<br>
    I did not tryed portra 400 UC too.
  4. This film was rated the top color film by Photographic Magazine in their March 2003 edition. But I also read the article at which recommends to stick with Kodak and Fuji, so I am now a little confused.

    I purchased a few rolls of Ultra 100 but have only developed one, and with mixed results because I used it for indor portraits. I shoot my little one mostly indoors, and in my opinion (I am not a pro) this film is not the most appropriate for portraits. I like Agfa Portra 160 which I have bought based on recommendations from the same article.
  5. This film is definitely not intended as a portrait film :) Just as E100VS and Velvia aren't usually the best choices for portraits, neither would you expect this film to be.
  6. Agreed, definitely. Reds from this film suggest to me that anything from cypress mulch to Coca-cola signs pretty much go to chemical completion. It aches for a little more control.
  7. This Spring I shot some Agfa Ultra 100 in Big Bend National Park in TX, ... SW landscape. The prints were printed on a Frontier, where my standing instructions are to print "for color." You should know that I like punchy color and that I compose with a strong tendency to look for combinations of color hues and form. The film works well for this approach. It isn't a natural rendition, ... looks more like a painting. I shot some Sensia and Velvia slide on the same trip, often side by side with the Ultra. I wasn't sure what would "work," and I was glad to have the mix. I have many prints from the Ultra that are very pleasing to those who view them. The boldness of the film (less ability to show graduations in tone) works to create a graphic type affect, where elements stick out in the composition. Maybe one could think of it in the same light as high contrast black and white, ... only from a color way of thinking. That's why it sorta looks painted to me. Sometimes the color that comes out just doesn't work. Sorry, ... I don't have a scanner or Photoshop to show you what I got. It would be neat to show the same scene shot on Velvia and Ultra. I basically used Sensia to help capture scenes that would be ruined with high contrast. I was in Brazil two years ago. If I was going back there, I would certainly shoot some Ultra because photo ops for capturing colorful scenes will be many. I'd have more than one body. If you don't have more than one body, consider a good point and shoot with Ultra in it. Take care. CC

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