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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by paulm, Nov 1, 1997.

  1. Looking for any experience with Agfa Scala b&w slide film. Comments about useage etc.


    Thanks Paul
  2. Its use depends on why you would need it. If you want B&W slides, your choices are limited. If you want it for special effects in printing, like producing interesting "toned" monocolor prints, using Ilfochrome, then give it a try.
    It behaves like slide films ... contrasty, with a steep curve. It doesn't give you the same latitude as a B&W negative to print from. Printing in B&W is also nonconventional, since you are working with a positive image transparency.
    It is also expensive, and so is its processing. It is not the film to use if rapid turnaround is required, since there are only a few places which process it, and it will take time to get it to and from the lab. Add in the extra courier costs for shipping and slide mounting, and in 120 format it costs a few bucks a shot once you add up all of the costs.
    Whether or not you really need this film depends on your application. I can do without it. Other photographers, no doubt, will disagree, but I am not interested in producing B&W slides. You should give it a try at least if B&W slides are of interest to you.

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