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  1. Here's a sample shot from the first roll through my 6x9 Agfa Nitor folder (see my thread "Which Model Agfa" for a pic of the camera.) The 120 Verichrome Pan was developed in Dixactol Ultra. Several things are apparent: the 10.5cm Agfa Helostar Doppel-Anastigmat is sharp and contrasty; the sloped edge film channel has allowed the image to slide into the film rebate; and, there is a reflection or something that puts the light bar along the right edge of all the shots. Until I find the cause of that last one, I guess it is just a 6x8! I haven't found my tripod bushings yet so until I get back to my camera store I will have to continue to shoot from the hand instead of the monopod I would prefer. Bottom line: a very nice and usable camera.
  2. Those old 6x9 Are just great , I have another Bessa coming for myself !
  3. chauncey, what is that kodak vp6041 all about on the top of the frame?
  4. Starvy, that is what I was saying about the film channel. I just made a closer inspection and the mask opening is very nearly the width of the film. So either the film was tracking slightly off center or the bellows is blocking the rebate on one edge. I guess film wasn't edge marked back in 1926. The pressure plate is the same width so it manages to hold the film flat somehow. The slope sided channels are narrower than the film and I suppose that is where the bright line is coming from; the chromed roller is reflecting through the channel. I would like to have a discussion with the designer as to just what he was thinking. Here's another shot.
  5. Verichrome Pan. I see you still have some left.
  6. Wow neat contrasty Verichrome Pan.. this is/was a great film for users. Modern emulsions are great,
    but this was really a great consumer product. VP620 was always prefferable for me over PX Pan.
    I don't remember ever seeing the Pan X (32) in MF at least in the stores back in the early 80s, but you
    could still find VP-620 in many commercial drugstores up until about 1985. Do you think this a reflection from the roller? Consider the bellows edge or latch seam on the back ? I recently determined that either this or the hinge was the source of what I thought was a shutter problem. The clue for me was the same burn point that seemed to be center left on many exposures, was also at the end of a roll on an unexposed portion of the roll. Then I realized I often set the camera on the ground probably resting at one point on the roll-film back. Anyway a really fine lens and 6x8 is still impressive!
  7. Hi, Chauncey Very nice pics from your old AGFA folder, mate. As you said, that Helostar Doppel-Anastigmat is quite a lens. The Doppel-Anastigmat design seems to have been a popular high-end standard lens until the early 30s, being made by several optical manufacturers. Then the Tessar/Xenar/Solinar design seems to have taken over the mantle. I wonder if the D-A's performance at full aperture drops off in comparison, maybe? So if you're going to try another roll of your precious VP out, could you perhaps try one shot with the lens fully open, and then another around F10 of the same scene, so any differences should be more apparent?
    Regarding the edging problem, I'm wondering if there wasn't a subtle change in the real format of 120 film somewhere down the line. Quite a few early 120 cameras such as your Nitor are described as being of '6.5 X 9' cm format, but later we've got more used to '6 X 9' cm of course. Perhaps that lost 0.5 cm was because of concerns for better rigidity of the film, with the outer edges being better supported in return for a slight loss of width. Film makers like Kodak then had more room out wide to remind users whose film they were using, of course! Then again, it might have been because the 6 X 9 format is a 'true' 2:3 ratio. Dunno! Just a few thoughts, anyway ....
  8. Chuck, I will be very sorry to see the last of my Verichrome Pan. I do believe the light bar is coming from the chrome roller. I examined it more analytically and noted that on the first shot (which I had screwed up by using the 645 number for it and the second shot) that it was in a different place. So, the bar is appearing on the just wound off image. I just can't figure out how the light is getting to it. There is a nice wide flange all the way around the back cover so the seal should be good. The windind knob is double channeled so it should be good also. I guess I'll have to tape it next time to eliminate those variables. By the way, I managed to slide out the back and turn it right side up so that I will be using the 6x9 numbers next time.
    Pete, I'm a big fan of dialyt lenses. Unless I shoot at sunset or find an adapter to use filters, it will be hard to shoot it wide open with the roll films that I have. Agfa 25 anyone? I expect it should be similar to my Goerz Dogmar or Ceylor wide open with a sharp center and soft edges.

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