Agfa goneNUTS??? No more Rodinol???

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by dan_smith, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Just been informed that I bought the last case of Rodinol they have &
    may be the last they can get. Seems Agfa called & told them they are
    pulling out of the US marketplace. Apparently they may supply some
    chemicals and/or paper/film/supplies through one of the real big
    stores... a gray market specialty place or some such and my pro
    stockhouse refuses to deal with gray market products or sellers &
    thus we may be without Rodinol. Anyone have more info on just what
    Agfa is doing in the USA?
  2. I have no concrete info on AGFA's plans in the US, but they have for some time been trying to get rid of their photo business. Seems no one has given them a good enough offer.
  3. Agfa's B&W products are as available as Kodak and Ilford here in Melbourne, Australia. I've often wondered how they do it in a rather small market. Just when I was tempted by a recent thread here to try APX400 in Rodinal.......

    Maybe soon it will be just Ilford.
  4. That does sound nuts, but isn't the formula published? Shouldn't be too hard to make.

    "Rodinal"--the most misspelled developer on the planet.
  5. Photogrpher's Formulary makes a formulation of Rodinal, but Mien Gott how am I gonna survive without their papers? I nearly got over the loss of Portriga Rapid, now Multicontrast will be gone. Like "Kodak Illustrator's Special" there just ain't no substitute. Digital is beginning to look a lot less forbearing.
  6. Buy from Canada.
  7. Am I reading you correctly?!! This is a disaster. I've not heard any such rumours here in Britain. That would be a disaster. Having said that, it's a simple formulation and the chemicals (para-aminophenol, potassium hydroxide and another)are readily available from such as Rayco of Barnsley, Yorkshire.

    Surely some enterprising soul could import a few thousand bottles direct from Agfa.

    Keep us posted.
  8. I know that Dan is probably well versed in background and components of Rodinal. For those who want to learn more as well as some variations on the basic formula, there is a very good article at unblinkingeye.
  9. If true this is like the passing of panatomic-X and ektar 25
  10. Does anyone have any solid proof of this beyond this anecdotal
    evidence (no offense to the original poster)?

    Also how long does sealed Rodinal keep if I wanted to stock up?
  11. fpa


    Are they just getting out of Chemicals, or are they going to bag their B&W films as well? I'm fond of APX 100 in sheets, but if it's not going to be around much longer, then probably time to start stocking and testing something else.
  12. To Rob, sealed Rodinol keeps at least 15 years (I am still using some which dates from the days of Ilford FP3). I opened the 500ml bottle four years ago; it is still good altho black as ink.
  13. Just been informed that I bought the last case of Rodinol they have & may be the last
    they can get. Seems Agfa called & told them


    Who are "they" and "them"?
  14. My local dealer has plenty of Rodinal in the little bottles. But they had almost no Ilford film developers. HORRORS! So I bought Rodinal.

    BTW, is it Rodinal as in rodent, or Rodinal as in Dennis Rodman?
  15. It's "Rodinal" with an "a".
  16. With all due respect, the rumor should have never been posted before contacting Agfa. It is impossible to know why exactly the dealer made such a statement but the reality is, it is false.

    Agfa does not have any plans to withdraw from the US Market or discontinue the sale of Rodinal.
  17. John, perhaps you could elaborate a bit on your response? In another thread someone indicated you might be connected with Agfa in some way and perhaps you could provide some sort of definitive response as to Agfa's position and what is going on with Rodinal?

    Thanks much in advance.

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