Agfa-Gevaert Super-Intergon S, 305 f/9

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by avid, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Can someone please tell me a bit about this lens? Weight, sharpness,
    contrast, color rendition and also what shutter it goes into? Would
    be obliged if someone can furnish a sample photo taken with this
    lens. Planning to use it for landscapes on a 4x5 camera. Much thanks.
  2. Never heard of this one. More than likely, it is a process lens from somewhere. It is perhaps a rebadged Apo-Ronar or Schneider equalent. I have the Schneider and use it for landscapes. The Apo-Ronar was not as good for landscapes, but someone wrote they had the cell spacing changed to optimise it for infinity rather than close up.

    Unless this is really cheap, I would not consider it. Mounting in a shutter is expensive plus the cost of a shutter.
  3. I presume you are asking because Sandy King has one for sale on APUG - why not just email Sandy and ask him - he is one of the most knowledgable people around...
  4. Hi,

    the Agfa Super Intergon is a 6-element symmetrical process plasmat with 70 degree + coverage with very good performance, comparable to the G-Claron 9/305, unfortunately needs to be adapted to a shutter, easiest done by front-mounting to a larger id sutter such as a Compound V shutter.



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