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  1. I have developed my first roll of Copex in SPUR
    Camera, Minox B with COMPLAN lens

    Film Copex Rapid, set at ASA 25
    Developer: 1+9 SPUR, 9,5 mininutes, 20 degree C, Minox Tank,
    thermometer pump agitation
    Kodak fix, 4 minutes, wash 5 minutes, photoflo solution 1

    The Agfa Copex film seems to be stiffer and curls more than Technical pan.
    Copex thickness comparable to Agfa APX 25, @ 5.5 mil.
    Technical Pan has Estar base, 5 mil thick.
    Copex negative evenly exposed.Film base isclear ,but not as clear as Technical Pan
    Under 30x Emoscope SM, Copex shows no visible grain.
    Under 100 x microscope, Copex Rapid grain visible, slighter
    grainier than Kodak Technical pan developed with Agfa Rodinal Special.
    Copex film seems to have more densely populated grain particles.
    Copex detail looks sharper than Technical Pan. Copex film shows
    sharper contour in finest details.
    40x 50 cm (16x 20") seems to be a reasonable upper limit for Copex + SPUR combo.

    I think, even 100x enlargement, that is 80 cm x 110 cm ( 30 x 40") is quite possible, if viewed at > 2 feet;
    or 40x 50" viewed at > 1 meter.

    8x11mm Agfa Copex Rapid negative, developed with SPUR Nanospeed developer, can be enlarged to 11x14" and hardly differentiated from
    same size enlargement from 35mm camera.
  2. Sample of Agfa Copex Rapid enlarged to 8x10".
    Grains appear to be comparable to discontinued Agfa APX 25; fine details appear to be sharper.
  3. "40x 50 cm (16x 20") seems to be a reasonable upper limit for Copex + SPUR combo.
    "<p> After enlarged a few Copex + SPUR negatives to 8x10" ( 20 x 30 cm), the grains are visible at that size. I think the 30x 40 cm is a more reasonable upper limit for COPEX + SPUR <p>
    Unless the subject matter is naturally grainy like a rock, then the
    natural grains will masked out the film grains; or if the subject
    matter has no middle grey, like bronze statue.
  4. In the above picture, I purposedly selected scene with small letters
    "POSTE ITALIANE" "186 MAIN ST" are clearly visible. <p>
    On the 8x10" print, the small letters "CANADA POSTES" "POST CANADA" on
    the mail box are clearly readable.<p>
    This 8x11mm picture with Copex+SPUR has the sharpness and look of a 35mm Tri-X
  5. [​IMG]
    Old Country Inn
    Minox B, Agfa Copex Rapid, developed in SPUR from
    This picture is scanned from an 8x10" enlargment (cropped from 9x11"). The small letters on the door is recognizable
    Consider that the Minox negative is only finger nail size, the sharpness of Copex + SPUR is remarkable
  6. fine detail on the mail box of Italian Cafe picture
  7. Dandy pix! Your scans are sharp considering the medium. I'm curious to hear your opinion on tonality of Copex vs. APX. I still have several dozen rolls of APX in my freezer, but may be headed toward trying the Copex. Do you know if it is available in the U.S.?
    - - Jeff
  8. Jeff, I think the tonality of Copex + SPUR is about the same as Technical Pan. APX 25 is always considered as on the top rank film in tonality, it is a pity that Agfa discontinued it.
    At the moment, Copex and the SPUR developer is not yet available in US, but can be order direct from
    Parcel service from Germany to North America is pretty fast, takes a few days. You can start with their small bundle: two Minox factory loaded Copex 8x11 , and SPUR developer, or two 35mm Copex + SPUR, if you slit and load film yourself.
  9. I think I'll give it a go!
    Thanks for the news and tips!
    - - - Jeff
  10. Martin, your email address is non deliverable. Could you update it with the webmaster. Thanks, Bill
  11. Bill, all messages posted in this forum, including your post were sent
    to my mail box. There is no problem of receiving or sending mails.


    includes 30.5m bulk film for Copex
    Spur Nanospeed in 50ml bottles or 250ml plastic containers is also available.

    Kodak Imagelink and Imagespeed developer is available and Techpan with SPUR Dokuspeed.
  13. You know you can get an ISO of 100 from this film if you use Diafine and put it 5 minutes in Sulution A and 3 in B. It is now being sold by Rollei under another name. Just to let you know.

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