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  1. Hello,

    would anyone out there happen to know the value of an absolutely pristine, fully functioning Agfa Automatic 66? My uncle (a collector)
    purchased it new and it sat on a shelf ever since. He didn't so much as put a single roll of film through it.

  2. Search the usual place... McKeown, or Kadlubeck's I don't know the model but it seems to be a Folder fromn the early 50s. If it's clean and working properly, it willl bring a good price; jsut a guess USD30-70,00 Those listings for circa USD500,00 on Ebay seem out of line! If this is a front focus model, check to see if the font element can move. They are often frozen due to the lubricant becoming a cement and so the camera can't be focused!
  3. On eBay, you have to distinguish prices asked from prices actually paid.
    Somebody had the nerve to ask $475 for an Agfa 66, but no one bought it, and that seems to be the only one that shows up there. Prices asked never establish anything except seller optimism. Another one of the same variety sold in its original box for $15.50!
    McKoewn and Kadlubek prices are way optimistic by today's market, so only give you some kind of relative price measure.
  4. Hello, Chuck

    Thanks for the links.

    The Agfa Automatic 66 is indeed a folder. It was produced for only one year-1959, with less than a thousand produced. It
    has a coupled rangefinder, built-in light meter and It can be used in full manuel mode or aperture priority mode. Apparently, the
    Agfa Automatic 66 is the worlds first medium format camera to feature Aperture Priority Mode. More info can be found about half
    way down the page in the link below.

    Info on the particular model is rather sparce which could make placing accurate value on it near imppossible.
  5. I have seen Automatic 66's in good
    condition go for $1,000 to $1,500. One
    unused in the original box I can't even
    imagine. You might try sending Jurgen
    at a message as I think he
    has bought and sold a couple of them.
  6. I'm pretty sure that I have also seen Automatic 66s sell for over $1000, but that was 7 or 8 years ago and I haven't been following them since. It might have been a speculative bubble. Nowadays, anybody looking for that nice a folder to use would probably just go for the Fuji, so the buyers pool may have shrunk to just hardcore collectors.
  7. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    One was sold at Westlicht in November: described as in 'very fine' condition, but with the meter not working. It went for 900 Euros.
  8. The Agfa 66 Automatic is an extremely valuable collector item, due to both its scarcity and historical significance. To suggest that the lucky owner of one of these should let it go for $30-70 is a bad joke.
    JDM: the camera on ebay for an asking price of $475 is NOT an Afga 66 Automatic, but a Ventura 66 which is worth $10 max. Clearly the seller got confused with the 66 designation, and thought he had a treasury in his hands.

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