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  1. Anyone know how to determine the age by the serial number? Mine is 4130700, and the lens is 8559044
  2. Every manufacturer has their own methods. Some there is no coding at all - just comparing numbers during years produced.
    What brand are we looking at?
  3. Based on other posts, Hassy 500c/m.
    Try this -
  4. A lens collectors vade mecum shows Zeiss serial numbers 8.0-9.0 million to be 1967-1970.
  5. If you're enquiring about a 'blad lens and body; why is this post subtitled in the "Pentax 67" category?
    Easiest way to find out is to Google the camera make/model + the words "serial number". Some camera anorak will have a website listing SNs I'm sure.
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    On the off chance that the OP knew where she was posting, and actually has a Pentax... :)
    According to the camera's page at, the P 6x7 (with a 'x' in it, but no mirror lock) was introduced in '69. The model with mirror lock was introduced in '76. Is that what you have? The camera was replaced with the Pentax 67 (no 'x') in 1989.
    Mike Butkus' website has the manual for the 6x7 with mirror lock, and the pictures in that manual show a body with serial no. 4018337 (on numbered page 10, at the end of the first pdf). On the front cover, the camera has lens serial 5410930, and in the parts-key on page 2 it has 5047319 (both those lenses are 105 mm f/2.4). I would guess the manual was prepared very close to the time the mirror-lock model was released, so maybe those numbers are typical for sometime in 1976.
    I found a picture of a camera without mirror lock in the Camera-wiki group pool at Flickr, with body serial 4007058. I guess that might well be the 7058th Pentax 6x7, and maybe the serial numbers are continuous with the new model with mirror lock (?) There are only a handful of pictures in the pool showing the SN, but none as high as yours. So if I had to guess, I'd guess your camera is from closer to '89 than '76. The pool shows some cameras with either 75 or 90mm lenses with SN 8xxxxxx.
    Hope that's a start!
  7. I have a 415 serial numbered 6x7 that I bought new in 1988 and I have a Honeywell with no lock up with a 409 serial number. Given the time frame between these two models, I would estimate that your 413 camera was from 1986 to 1987. The lens is about the same time frame.
  8. Correction- My Honeywell body has a 403 SN, not 409.

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