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  1. hello all, I have an opportunity to buy an OM2S in very good condition. Would anyone know the approximate production date for serial number 1002933? I ask as I have read the electronics relating to battery drain were greatly improved over the life of the camera and would like to avoid an earlier one.

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    Seems like all OM2s models have same basic circuit so either take out batteries if not going to use( always) a good idea or carry extra's just in case.
  3. Use two silver oxide batteries only -- no lithium or alkaline substitutes. When left in the camera, silver oxides usually die in about 6-12 months. Lithiums and alkalines usually die in a week or so. The 2s (and 4, 4T, etc.) have a constant current drain, necessary to make the camera instantly operational any time you push the release button -- no "boot up" delay or switch to turn the camera "on" first. Lithiums and alkalines cannot tolerate this current drain, and so die very quickly.

    Removing the batteries is a good idea if leaving a camera idle for an extended period, no matter what battery it uses. Leakage happens.
  4. I found this post by john_hermanson2|
    "I've serviced LOTS of OM-2 bodies and have some suggestions. All OM-2N have ALL the factory improvements that ever went into the OM-2. So, if it's a 2N, that's best. If it's a plain 2, I'd avoid low serial numbers below 300,000 serial number. OM-2 production started at 100,000 and ran up to around (approx.) 600,000 at which point it became the 2N. Oldest OM-2 (from 100,000 to 300,000) generally are unreliable and need lots of work and updates. John, Olympus OM Service since 1977, index"
  5. In Europe we use 2x SR 44 batteries (2x1.5V) OR 1 bloc piece of Duracell (Japan) 3v DL1/3N batteries.

    and yes, take them out if you don't use the camera
  6. 2S was produced in the early to mid 1980's. Production date is usually in the film chamber in small white letters. EX: SUF7. SU is the factory, F is the year 1986, 7 is the month July. All 2S have battery drain similar to the early OM-4. Olympus never updated the board to reduce the drain. For longest life use silver oxide 1.55V. That is 357, S76, MS76, KS76, G-13, SR44W, 303. No alkaline (A76, LR44), no lithium CR1/3N.
  7. OM-2S was made for a very short time in the early 80s. Camera was produced for such a short time, in fact, that Olympus never released an improved circuit board for it.
  8. I had a OM-2S for a couple of years and didn't really have the battery eating problems that some people have had. I did keep the shutter set to "B" when I wasn't using it. Supposedly this shuts the electronics off.

    It was a good camera. Ultimately I decided that for an SLR I was happy with a just a simple mechanical camera so I kept an OM-1n and sold the rest.

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