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  1. Hi All,
    If you know it will be some time before you get your film processed, is it better to place the film in fridge / freezer or does'nt it really matter. Sometimes it may be a few months before I have my film processed.
  2. No harm in keeping it cool but probably not much benefit either if it's only for a few months.
  3. When I was shooting film I always put it back in the fridge after exposing a role. This was when we would be gone afew months, I did not want to getting hot for day after day before prosessing.
    Having is exposed in no way protects it againts heat, you need to treat is the same after exposing just as nicely as you do before, maybe even a bit nicer.
  4. Doesn't condensation become a problem leaving film in a fridge after the waterproof packaging is removed?
  5. SCL


    Condensation isn't an issue if you gradually bring it back to room temperature in its waterproof container. However if you pop it out of its cannister immediately and place it in a warm humid environment, you definitely will get condensation which could slow things down....but once things even out, it won't affect is just an inconvenience. As others stated, better to keep the film cool/cold in the interim, as exposure started a chemical reaction, and chemical reactions are accelerated by heat.
  6. Unless you're talking about someplace hot and humid without air conditioning, I don't think it would make much difference. I generally develop film as soon as possible after shooting. On the rare occasion that a roll has sat for a couple of months, I haven't seen any diference.

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