AFS 17-35 f2.8 focus problem

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by brian_prestemon, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. My AFS 17-35 f2.8 will auto focus fine at distances less than about 10 feet but once it gets at all close to infinity it seems to give up and not even try to lock in a focus. Sometimes I can manually nudge it a bit further toward infinity and get the focus indicator to show correct focus. But many other times I can't even trip the shutter because the auto focus doesn't seem to even try and the focus indicator doesn't seem to budge even when I try to manually focus.
    I've cleaned the contacts on the lens but it hasn't cured the issue at all. Has anybody else experienced this? I'm very careful with my equipment so this lens has never been as much as bumped.
    Thanks for any input/advice on this issue.
  2. The 17-35AFS is known to have focus motor failure problems - sometimes they squeak before this happens. Is your lens making any kind of high pitched squeaking sound while focusing?
    Even if there is no squeaking sound while focusing the AF motor may be failing (assuming it's not your camera).
  3. I don't hear any high pitched squeaking. And the same problem occurs with a different D700 as well.
    The AF motor failing sounds pretty serious - and expensive. What do I need to do about it?
  4. Anybody else have suggestions/advice? Am I stuck with paying big bucks for Nikon to fix it? Or is there an alternative?
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    My 17-35 f2.8 sqeeks too. Its been doing this for a couple of decades. Bought new, USA model,
    not used every day. It will even sit for weeks or months before its next use. Sqeeks first time
    then silent. As far as repair....well, if you can manually focus it (and live with it this way) its still
    a great lens. Estimates are free I presume. I myself would send it in for an estimate.
    If its excessive just ask for the lens back. You could sell it as a "parts" unit on eBay.
    I guess its replacement is the new 18-35 f3.5-5.6. Approx $750 USD. I know its heart breaking to
    think if such an expensive repair (possibly). I always dread the day thisng like this happen. Good luck to you.
  6. APS has quoted me just over $400 to replace the AF motor, but that also includes a rebuild of some other wear parts and a complete calibration/check. So if it's a lens you plan on keeping for a while you should probably get it serviced. I will soon, though I've been procrastinating since mine keeps on working fine even with the AF squeak.
  7. I just Googled and then called APS. I had never heard of them before but they sound pretty good. I described my lens' problem to them and the guy said that it didn't sound like a motor issue but more likely an electric brush contacts issue. He said, given he's correct, that it would end up costing me between $185 and $250 depending on whether any parts were needed. They also sound like they have pretty fast turn-around - 2 days for the estimate and 2 weeks to complete any repairs (unless they have parts ordering delays).
    So, I guess I'll do that.
  8. Brian - that sounds like good news. I've had APS work on my lenses before and they've done a great job with amazingly fast turn around. I'd send it in to them.
    I need to get mine to them as well before the summer vacation season starts . . . .

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