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  1. I recently purchased a Leica CL with 40mm f2, and I am looking to get a wide-angle for it. So far, the only options I've found that are somewhat affordable are the 28mm Leica/Minolta lens, Canon ltm 28mm with an adapter, and the 28mm biogon for G-mount with an adapter (which I can't find the right adapter for.)
    So, my questions are:
    1) Can someone possibly send a link to a reasonably priced adapter G-mount to M-mount?
    2) Does anyone have experience with adapting lenses to M-mount, and how it works with the framelines?
    3) Are there any other options that I should be considering?
  2. I don't think an adapter will meet your needs for compatibility, nor is it necessary.
    Zeiss makes a family of ZM lenses which attach directly to a Leica M mount. While not exactly inexpensive, they are far less expensive than Leica lenses, and in many cases as good or better. I have two Zeiss lenses, a 28/2.8 and 35/2.8, which not only fit an M mount, but operate the rangefinder and select the correct viewfinder frame.
    Voigtlander also makes M mount lenses for half the price of comparable Zeiss lenses. They too are fully compatible.
  3. Don't knock the Minolta/Leica 28mm lens. I had one, and it's every bit as good as my Elmarit from the same time era. And a lot smaller and lighter than almost anything else you could buy.
  4. Also look at the offering from Voigtlander. I've never been disappointed with them.
  5. Max, I don't think the CL (unlike the later CLE) has a finder frame for 28mm. You'll need an accessory finder.
  6. No "easy" adapter to put on to a Contax G lens exists.
    It must be roughly modified to M-mount; see Contax G conv <<<click
    (Very expensive to go this route)
    The Minolta 28 CLE isn't considered cheap and is aging poorly; "google" Schneideritis.
    Your best bet is the fantastic Zeiss Biogon 28mm F/2.8 ZM (It's possible to acquire one for less that $600),
    or a Canon LTM 28mm with an LTM to M adapter, or the Voigtlander 28 offerings...
  7. The Contaxt G lens is a great lens but will not work on Leica M. As Gus says you can get the lens rebuilt on a new mount. You can get
    the, from But they are about $1000. Cheaper than Leica but about the same as the ZM lenses. I
    own the Contax G lens and the Leica 28 F2. I have not really directly compared them as I tend to use the Leica on digital bodies and the
    contax with film. This is due to the fact that I bought the Leica lens about 18 months ago and shoot film a lot less than I used to. That
    said the Contax G lens is very good and close in performance to the Leica. It does have a different look however.
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone! I think I'll either go with the canon 28mm with an adapter, or I'll save my pennies and get either the Rokkor 28mm or Biogon ZM 28mm. My CL has had the framelines changed to those of the CLE (apparently, it hasn't arrived yet), so no need for the external viefinder.
  9. I have been enjoying the Voigtländer 28/3.5 Color-Skopar for about a decade now - small, cheap and plenty sharp. All of the pictures in my China Travel gallery (22 pictures - were taken with it. Below, you will find one of my favourite shots of all times - also taken with that lens.
  10. Be careful with the 28mm Rokkor. As Gus says that's a lens that's had a long history of trouble with the
    glass. Can't recall if it's mold or separation or what exactly, but it's a significant problem to look out for.

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